How Environmentalism Has Changed Moving Boxes in Toronto

Nobody ever thought that the moving box would change. It was a cardboard rectangle of varying proportions, and could hold a few or many objects. Case closed, right? Then, environmentalism happened. We all became more aware that nature required us to be better stewards. Suddenly, moving boxes in and around Toronto started taking a different shape and color. It was an evolutionary leap of epic proportions. Continue reading

Taking Moving Boxes from Toronto to Vancouver at the Franchise Expo

When you’re passionate about your work, it shows. It also gets people excited. That was definitely the case at The Franchise Expo in 2017! Our Blue Bins representatives had the chance to talk to so many amazing and incredible entrepreneurs about licensing opportunities. From daybreak until evening (and beyond!), we chatted about plastic moving boxes, already being used by individuals, families, and companies from Toronto to Mississauga to Vancouver and tons of other places. Continue reading

Sustainability: More Than a Buzzword to Mississauga Millennials Seeking Packing Boxes

Chances are good that you either know a Millennial, work with a Millennial, or are a Millennial. After all, Millennials have finally come of age and are entering the workforce and family life in droves. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, were born between about 1980 and 2000, and have very specific characteristics. One of these traits is a very strong prevalence toward purchasing products that are earth-friendly, or have been produced and manufactured under sustainable conditions. This is one of the reasons they tend to be consumers of rentable items like plastic packing boxes in Mississauga from responsible outlets like Blue Bins. Continue reading

Blue Bins Proudly Celebrates Earth Day Early by Heading to The Franchise Expo

Earth Day: April 22. It gets a big star on the calendar from any company that’s strict about providing the most environmentally friendly services and products available. That’s one of the reasons that Blue Bins, a leading Canadian lessor of rentable, ecofriendly plastic moving boxes, chooses to celebrate Earth Day for the entire month. This year, they’ll be kicking off April by attending the The Franchise Expo in Vancouver, the largest franchise opportunity event in North America, from April 8-9. Continue reading

Why Licensees Love Renting Our Eco-Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes in Toronto

We have had the great fortune to see Blue Bins spread from our home base in Toronto to other parts of Canada. Our licensee tell us that they appreciate being able to buy and rent out our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes, amongst many other reasons. We appreciate the feedback, and wanted to share their experience with our readers. Continue reading

How Physics Plays a Role in Your Moving Box Rental Experience

Even if physics wasn’t one of your favorite subjects in school, you have to admit that the basic laws of nature govern our lives.What goes up, must come down.An object in motion tends to stay in motion.And we can only realistically lift so much before gravity causes issues.It’s that last reality you need to keep in mind when you place a moving box rental. Continue reading

Affordability Is Key When Ordering Commercial Moving Supplies

As every business knows, it’s important to save money wherever you can. One of the places that you can easily reduce your outlay of cash is on commercial moving supplies. Unfortunately, plenty of companies across Canada have bought into the notion that moving has to be ultra-expensive and time-consuming. They end up spending far more than necessary to relocate or open their shops, which just eats into their limited finances. Continue reading

Hot Toronto Commercial Real Estate Market Forecasts Packing Boxes Need

Recent reports are exciting for those involved in the commercial real estate market in Toronto.  Because of extreme need for business space, more and more businesses are likely to be relocating and moving into the city over the coming two years.  This bodes well for the entire community, and definitely foretells the need for moving vans and packing boxes! Continue reading