Toronto Plastic Moving Boxes and Tips: How to Successfully Move Your Houseplants

When you’re moving a household to or from Toronto, you have a lot to think about: Where to get your plastic moving boxes, how to pack everything, and whether to use professional moving companies.  No wonder your houseplants are usually low on the “to think about” list!  But it’s important that you consider how to make the move easier on them.

Plants are organic and living items, which means that they are fragile.  Even the hardiest plants get accustomed to thriving in a certain location.  When they are moved, they can go into a state of shock, much like humans do when they are met with a sudden surprise.  If you have a green thumb and care about the health of your houseplants, do yourself – and them – a favor by making their move comfortable, just as you would for a pet.

Make Sure Your Plants Are Able to Travel

First, be sure that your plants are in a condition to travel.  Does the slightest change seem to make them wilt?  If so, it might be better to offer them to a trusted friend or family member who lives nearby rather than subject them to an extreme change of scenery, light supply, or air quality.

Secondly, be sure that you are legally allowed to bring your houseplants with you.  For instance, if you are moving from the United States to Toronto, you cannot bring certain living items with you, including many types of plants.  Be sure to ask about this so you don’t unknowingly make a major misstep.

If You Must Pack Plants, Do It Thoughtfully

In most cases, plants shouldn’t be packed into plastic moving boxes.  However, if you see no other way to carry your many houseplants, be very sensitive to the plants’ needs.  Be sure the plant has been watered just enough for its needs, and that it’s buffered by eco-friendly “peanuts” or crumpled-up newspaper.  The last thing you want is your plant to bump on the sides of the moving box, which can harm its stems, leaves, and flowers.

Additionally, you may not want to close the lid of your Toronto plastic moving box if you have a taller plant.  Never bend the plant stems to fit the box; that’s a way to hurt the plant and stunt its growth or possibly kill it.

Carry Your Plants With You, Not in the Moving Van

Your plants belong in your car, or, if you’re driving a moving van yourself, in the cab area.  Moving vans can have extreme fluctuations of temperatures.  Besides – there’s no guarantee that your plant won’t be jostled around endlessly during the journey.

Going to be staying in hotels or motels because your move to Toronto is a long one?  Bring your plants inside when you sleep.  This keeps them from suffering in heat or cold.

At the end of the day, houseplants add major attractiveness to any home.  Additionally, they’ll bring a lot of your old home into your new one!  Be sure to take the precautions necessary to ensure that your houseplants have a pleasant relocation, and you have the opportunity to enjoy them longer.

Why Professional Mississauga Packers Love Uniform Plastic Moving Containers

Professional packing companies are available in the Toronto and Mississauga area, and you may want to think about using their services.  Not only do they understand how to perfectly pack even the most delicate items in plastic moving containers, but the best ones are insured to protect both your goods and their services.

Although the majority of individuals tend to pack their personal belongings solo, hiring a professional packer makes sense in some situations:

  • You’ve just found out that you need to move because of a corporate promotion, new job, or family situation. This leaves you little time to pack; you have too much else to do.
  • You have a particularly large family and it’s just too hectic to imagine packing your treasures.
  • You cannot physically handle the experience of packing, which can take a lot of energy. Plus, you don’t have anyone in your family or circle of friends to help you.
  • You simply have too many items to realistically be able to pack them into Mississauga plastic moving containers in an acceptable timeframe.
  • You want all your packed items to make it in one piece to your location, and you don’t trust yourself or other household members.
  • You got a great deal from a moving company that works with a professional packing company, and you’re going to save money in the long run by doing both.

No matter why you feel the need to choose professional packers, be sure to talk about plastic moving containers.  Professionals do not necessarily supply their own moving boxes, and you’ll want to provide them with uniform ones.

Why do professional packing companies like to pack items in moving boxes of uniform size?  First, it’s just easier to stack them.  Different-sized boxes make stacking inconvenient and potentially unsafe.  Plastic moving containers from places like Mississauga Blue Bins are meant to be stacked.

Next, uniform moving boxes can be moved out of the house using a standard sized dollie.  No need for a specialty one.  In fact, that’s one of the reasons Blue Bins offers dollie rentals as well as moving box rentals.

Finally, uniform plastic moving containers and boxes of a standard size will be made for carrying heavy and light items.  This makes it less stressful on the packers to determine if a box is really going to be able to withstand the weight of its contents during a back and forth move.

When you talk with a professional mover, bring up the possibility of renting Blue Bins plastic moving containers and having them delivered right to your Mississauga home.  You’ll make the process more streamlined for everyone.

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