11 Great Reasons to Move to Toronto (and use plastic moving boxes!)

Are you looking into relocating your home in the next few months or year?  You’re not alone!  Most people move an average of about 10 times during their lives, according to a variety of sources.  So if 2014 is your year to try out a new neighborhood, community, city or even country, we recommend checking into Toronto!  As the capital city of the province of Ontario, there are tons of reasons to move to this great locale.  In fact, we can think of 11 terrific aspects of Toronto!  (In anticipation, put Blue Bins in your smart phone’s contacts list so you’re ready to order your plastic moving boxes when you’re ready.)

#1:  The seasons are well-defined

Toronto has a climate that’s humid in the summer months and dry and cold in the winter months.  That means there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy all four seasons!  If you’re an outdoorsy type, you can definitely take advantage of tons of outside activities.

#2:  There are fabulous neighborhoods with historical architectural

The architectural designs you see around Toronto will never disappoint you.  From gorgeous brownstones to contemporary apartment complexes, the city truly has it all in terms of diversity.

#3:  You can enjoy numerous public places

Toronto has beautiful parks and gardens, so there’s never a dearth of places to take a stroll, have a picnic or go out for a jog.

#4:  It’s a cultural mecca

From live theatre to cinema, the arts are alive in Toronto.  No matter what you’re in the mood to see or do culturally, you can find it during the year.

#5:  You can play “host” to your touring family and friends

Toronto has the zoo, many museums and other sites that are great to show off when your family members and buddies come to check out your new home!  Don’t forget to take them the Eaton Centre – it’s the most popular tourist spot!

#6:  Toronto is a land of healthy living

If you’re into sports, or just want to eat great, organic food, you’ll find it here.  There’s absolutely no excuse for being out of shape when you have such incredible options at your fingertips.

#7:  It’s a real “melting pot”

Toronto’s demographics reveal that there are people of all ethnicities living within the provincial capital.  This makes it a terrific melting pot.

#8:  The crime rate is very low

For cities of comparable sizes, Toronto has an incredibly low crime rate.  Not only is it safer for individuals, but it’s safer for families, too.

#9:  Great public transportation

Obviously, if you’re into conservation (e.g., using plastic moving boxes instead of traditional ones made of cardboard, choosing “green” items over ones that will fill up landfills), you’ll love the public transportation options that Toronto offers.

No matter what your reason for moving to Toronto, know that you’re going to be greeted with a friendly smile wherever you go.  It’s Canadian hospitality at its best!

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