Canadian Campuses Choose Blue Bins Moving Boxes

Blue Bins moving boxes are the choice for Canadian campuses.

When Canadian colleges and universities from Toronto to Montreal want to streamline the moving-in process for their students, they turn to Blue Bins for plastic moving boxes.  By working with a proven company, they are able to provide their new and returning young adults with the easiest possible way to get their items into the dormitories and apartments.  This type of arrangement also helps keep the campus from becoming cluttered with traditional cardboard boxes post-moving days. Continue reading

Moving Box Expert Re-Launches Website

Blue Bins celebrates site re-launch with 5 percent discount on plastic moving boxes

Canadian Moving Box Expert Celebrates Website Re-Launch with 5% Discount

An improving Canadian housing market can only mean one thing to homeowners and their realtors: It’s time to buy and sell.  According to experts in industry, as well as economy forecasters, the recession that negatively affected North American real estate prices has begun a reversal.  This is terrific news to everyone, but it causes some alarm to eco-conscious individuals concerned about the waste that is often created from moving boxes that are not recycled or recyclable.  Fortunately, there is an answer: moving containers that need never see a landfill. Continue reading

Canadians on the Move Need Moving Boxes

According to the most recent statistics, Canada’s real estate market is booming, which means a need for moving boxes.

Canadians Are on the Move, Need Moving Boxes and Containers

According to the most recent Canadian housing market statistics, real estate across the country is booming.  In fact, there’s been a 16 percent increase in home buying since a year ago in the Toronto area (as per records distributed from the Toronto Real Estate Board.) Continue reading