Staging a House? Plastic Moving Bins are the Perfect Storage Options

Realtors know the value of staging a house to encourage buyers.  The key, though, is to make sure the house looks livable, but not cluttered.  Unfortunately, for most families, clutter comes with the territory!  This means that when a real estate agent decides to stage a home, plenty of items need to be stored until the property is sold.  Hence, plastic moving boxes are the ideal solution. Continue reading

How to Make a Winter House Move Easier

The most popular time of year for people to move from one home to another is, not surprisingly, when the weather is warm.  Yet that doesn’t mean that people never move when the temperature is colder, or snow flurries fall gently to the ground.  In fact, there are plenty of individuals and families from Toronto to Mississauga who eagerly seek out boxes for moving between November and March. Continue reading