3 Ways Choosing Blue Bins Teaches Your Kids about Conservation

There are a limited amount of natural resources in the world, which is one of the reasons it’s so critical to teach our kids about conservation.  Sometimes, the easiest ways to teach are simply to show children what to do.  As they begin to learn from the examples we set, conservation becomes second nature to them.  One of the ways we like to suggest parents illustrate conservation techniques when they are in the moving process is to choose Blue Bins for all moving bins and supplies. Continue reading

Earth Day Is Coming Up – Save the Planet and Use Plastic Moving Bins!

In March of 1970, the first Earth Day celebration was held.  Fast forward 44 years later, and we’re still saying “Yes!” to greener options.  As a global community, we’re trying to conserve more, consume less and be environmentally conscious whenever possible.  From using plastic moving bins to choosing not to buy (and throw away) tons of bottles of water, our society throughout Canada is doing its best to really stay on the cutting edge of eco-friendliness. Continue reading

First Blue Bins Licensee Brings Eco-Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes to Montreal

Blue Bins Unlimited Corp.’s plastic moving boxes have become a mainstay across the Toronto area, as well as throughout Montreal.  However, Montreal didn’t have a storefront … until now.  Beginning March 1, 2014, Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. will have a brick-and-mortar Montreal location where consumers and businesses can pick up and drop off the plastic moving boxes they rent.  Continue reading

7 Reasons Offices Move (and need to find plastic moving bins!)

Families aren’t the only groups to move; often, Ontario based offices do, too.  Though their reasons for moving from one locale to another vary, there are typically some similarities.  Below, we will look at the seven main reasons that businesses move (and ultimately need to rent plastic moving bins to securely transport their documents and workplace items!) Continue reading

11 Great Reasons to Move to Toronto (and use plastic moving boxes!)

Are you looking into relocating your home in the next few months or year?  You’re not alone!  Most people move an average of about 10 times during their lives, according to a variety of sources.  So if 2014 is your year to try out a new neighborhood, community, city or even country, we recommend checking into Toronto!  As the capital city of the province of Ontario, there are tons of reasons to move to this great locale.  In fact, we can think of 11 terrific aspects of Toronto!  (In anticipation, put Blue Bins in your smart phone’s contacts list so you’re ready to order your plastic moving boxes when you’re ready.) Continue reading