Spring in Toronto Is a Great Time to Rent Plastic Moving Boxes!

The flowers are blooming, the air smells great and… wait, is that a fresh breeze of warm air?  Yes, it’s springtime in Toronto and it’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of this beautiful season!  It’s also the ideal time to rent plastic moving boxes.  Not only are they terrific for actual relocations, but they can be a huge help when you’re undergoing your spring cleaning. Continue reading

Blue Bins Offers Plastic Moving Boxes Perfect for Earth Day!

Each year, April 22nd is set aside as Earth Day.  For decades, it’s been a time of year when we reflect on the importance of the planet on which we live, and we encourage others to be good stewards of this “big blue marble” in the universe.  At Blue Bins, located in Toronto, environmentalism has always been at the forefront of their company mission and vision; it’s the driving force behind their plastic moving boxes. Continue reading

Celebrate Your Eco-Friendly Spirit and Choose Blue Bins

There are so many ways to celebrate your eco-friendly spirit and desires…  First, you can evaluate every product that you use, and find out more about its manufacturer.  Secondly, you can discover new ways to be a little more environmentally aware.  Finally, you can choose to work with companies like Toronto’s Blue Bins. Continue reading

7 Ways Plastic Moving Bins Will Change Moving Forever!

Plastic moving bins are definitely a “move” in the right direction!  In fact, they just might change the way people and businesses relocate forever.

Think that sounds too profound?  Think again!  Plastic moving bins such as those from Toronto based Blue Bins are taking the moving industry by storm, and for very good reason.  In fact, there are no less than seven ways that they are changing the face of how items are moved from one locale to another: Continue reading