First-Time Mover to Toronto? The Right Moving Box Makes All the Difference!

Are you a first-time mover to Toronto, the gorgeous capital city of Ontario?  First, let us say “Congratulations!”  We know you’ll love this picturesque area of the country.  Next, we definitely have to ask: “Have you figured out what kind of moving box you’ll use?”  We know it sounds like a small concern, but believe us – we’ve seen good moves turn ugly when the wrong moving box was used! Continue reading

Help People Who Need Boxes for Moving by Becoming a Blue Bins Licensing Holders

If you’re the type of person who loves helping other people and enjoy the challenge of owning your own business, a licensing holder opportunity with Blue Bins Unlimited Corp awaits your phone call!  That’s because Blue Bins needs people who want to assist individuals, families and companies in finding the ideal eco-friendly boxes and other supplies for their moving needs.  Our licensing holder agreement is a partnership arrangement that benefits holders as well as the communities they serve. Continue reading

Finding the Healthiest Moving Supplies in Mississauga

Everyone talks about how dirty it is to move a house or an office.  While there is always going to be some element of dirt that comes from the experience, there are definitely ways to make moving a lot safer for everyone.  First and foremost is finding and using the healthiest moving supplies available in Mississauga and the rest of the country. Continue reading

Blue Bins Helps Celebrate the Age of “More” by Showcasing Their Boxes for Moving during CAM Annual Conference in Toronto

In a world where everyone is complaining about having less, the moving industry is focused on being and giving more.  In fact, the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) requires that all members have to pass a test to join this prestigious organization dedicated to all things moving.  This eliminates “fly by night” moving-related companies not devoted to providing “more” for their clientele.  CAM is celebrating the “Age of More” during its annual conference in Continue reading

The Most Creative and Community-Minded Uses for Blue Bin Boxes for Moving in Toronto

Question: When are seemingly simple plastic boxes for moving not so simple?

Answer: When they are used in incredibly creative ways by innovative Toronto residents!

Obviously, we at Blue Bins see our boxes for moving as amazing inventions that everyone should try. However, we’re often blown away by the many community-minded uses that people in the Toronto area and surrounding regions have for these incredible plastic boxes. Continue reading