Thinking Outside the Moving Box – Keeping Kids Safe and Happy During a Move to Montreal

Moving day can be filled with tons of excitement and distractions, but it’s important for parents to always remain cognizant of the safety and happiness of their children before, during and after the move. Montreal moms and dads have a responsibility for thinking outside the moving box and spending time planning for their kids’ wellbeing during all aspects of moving day. To help speed up the process of determining how to foster a fabulous moving day for everyone, including the younger set, we are offering a few safety tips. Continue reading

Get Your Moving Supplies, Mississauga! Moving Day Is Here!

Moving day is here for many households across Ontario, as we all know. From Mississauga to Ottawa, people are packing up and shifting from home to home and apartment to apartment, taking advantage of the good summer weather. It’s an exciting time for both real estate buyers and sellers; after all, they each reap plenty of social and financial rewards. To make every moving day even easier, we recommend always stocking up on moving supplies well in advance of the big day! Continue reading