Ways for Toronto Companies to Save Money on Boxes and Moving Supplies

Whether your company is moving across Toronto, or you’re simply renovating most or all of your office spaces, you’re going to need boxes and moving supplies. However, that doesn’t mean you have to drive yourself crazy every time you look at your financials! There are many ways to save money on items that you’ll need for your move or renovation project; you just have to plan for success. Continue reading

After the Boxes and Moving Supplies are Unpacked, Try These Great Toronto Eateries!

It’s finally here. Moving day. You’re sitting in your Toronto area home, and you’re loving everything. The relocation went as smoothly as possible, thanks to the boxes and moving supplies you rented and that are now neatly stacked in a corner waiting for pick-up. There’s only one problem – you don’t feel like cooking. Yes, your new kitchen is gorgeous, but it’s definitely a night to eat out! Continue reading

Making Long Distance Moves Easier for Montreal Employees – HINT: Start with the Right Moving Containers!

You’ve found the perfect employee for your Montreal based company. She’s enthusiastic, has the credentials and expertise you want, and will fit in perfectly with your corporate culture. The only problem? She and her family live across the country. Though you are willing to spend money to help them relocate, you’re not sure how to sweeten the deal or make the process a bit easier. Why not start with the right moving containers for that Montreal transfer? Continue reading