‘Twas the Night Before Moving – A Moving Box Inspired Poem for Mississauga Residents

It’s amazing – so many people have relocated over the years, but there don’t seem to be any odes written about the process!  That’s why we decided to take a little time away from moving box customer service and delivery and pen our own poem that’s inspired by “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  While it’s probably not going to be a smash hit, we’re pretty happy with the results! Continue reading

Staging for a Wow-Worthy Toronto Holiday Party Using Boxes and Moving Supplies

Are you planning to host a holiday party in your Toronto home?  Why not make this year the most wow-worthy experience your guests have ever seen?  It isn’t hard to showcase your home or apartment beautifully for a memorable holiday celebration, especially when you take some of the staging techniques used by realtors.  They know that having items on hand like plastic boxes and moving supplies are essential for ensuring visitors go gaga for what they experience! Continue reading