Beyond Moving Boxes – Staying Healthy During Your Montreal Move

There’s little doubt that moving can be a stressful occasion.  Even if you’re thrilled to be moving to a new home, townhouse or condominium in Montreal, you may find yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed at times.  That’s why it’s so critical that you stay healthy during the moving process.  Below are some tips that will help, from choosing the right moving boxes to eating a balanced diet. Continue reading

Why Mississauga Corporations Are Choosing Eco-Friendly Moving Supplies

Eco-conscientiousness has crept into all areas of our lives, from home to work.  No wonder so many Mississauga corporations are adopting eco-friendlier processes.  For instance, it’s commonplace now for businesses to make recycling the norm.  Additionally, many focus on the conservation of everything from water to space to energy.  The goal is to become a better steward of natural resources, and the number of organizations that take this goal seriously are growing.  Even when offices are relocating, their leaders are turning to green solutions like moving supplies made of recyclable plastic.  In essence, being eco-conscious has become the status quo, not an afterthought. Continue reading