Strong Toronto Real Estate Market Is Propelling the Need for Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies

When real estate markets are hot, properties tend to go very quickly.  This is an excellent occurrence for buyers and sellers, but it can mean the need to move rapidly from one dwelling to the next.  Homeowners who thought they had lots of time to pack might find themselves with an offer on their condos, homes or townhouses just days – or possibly hours – after the listing is made available.  Essentially, they have to be ready to move at a moment’s notice.  This type of frenzied activity in real estate is occurring right now in Toronto and the GTA, and it’s pushing the need for on-demand moving boxes and moving supplies for companies and families. Continue reading

Certain Types of Montreal Real Estate Are Trending Upwards, Increasing the Need for Reliable Moving Supplies

It’s always fascinating to look at the different movements in housing trends, especially in the Montreal marketplace.  This year, several types of housing are doing well in very specific parts of the city.  As in other Canadian communities, this type of activity is increasing the need for reliable moving supplies, such as plastic moving boxes, bins and peripheral items. Continue reading

Moving Supplies Needed in Mississauga Thanks in Part to “Safest City” Badge

It’s not every city that can say it’s been named the safest in the country.  Mississauga holds that honour, and it’s not ready to let it go anytime soon.  This region is a beacon for individuals, families and businesses that appreciate being able to operate in such a safe community.  No wonder Blue Bins is constantly renting moving supplies like plastic moving boxes to people and companies moving to and within Mississauga. Continue reading