Blue Bins Proudly Celebrates Earth Day Early by Heading to The Franchise Expo

Earth Day: April 22. It gets a big star on the calendar from any company that’s strict about providing the most environmentally friendly services and products available. That’s one of the reasons that Blue Bins, a leading Canadian lessor of rentable, ecofriendly plastic moving boxes, chooses to celebrate Earth Day for the entire month. This year, they’ll be kicking off April by attending the The Franchise Expo in Vancouver, the largest franchise opportunity event in North America, from April 8-9. Continue reading

Why Licensees Love Renting Our Eco-Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes in Toronto

We have had the great fortune to see Blue Bins spread from our home base in Toronto to other parts of Canada. Our licensee tell us that they appreciate being able to buy and rent out our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes, amongst many other reasons. We appreciate the feedback, and wanted to share their experience with our readers. Continue reading