Moving Boxes and Other Things to Rent in Toronto!

Sometimes there are things that you just need for a short period of time. It doesn’t make sense to buy everything brand new, and with the sharing economy growing, there are more things that you can rent or borrow just for as long as you need them. Toronto has lots of companies and organizations that are working to offer the rental of everything from moving boxes to bicycles. Save money, and create less waste in the process by trying these rentals!

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Don’t Put These Things in Your Moving Bins, Even If You’re Just Moving Across Toronto!

There are some things that you can pack away early, and some things that you can easily pack up a day or two before your move. Your dishes, winter clothing, or books will be okay for a few days or even a couple of weeks in the boxes. But there are some essential items that you definitely don’t want to pack away already in your moving boxes, even if you’re just moving a short distance within Toronto.

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Help a Friend Move By Ordering Moving Boxes Online and Other Items

We all want to show up for our friends and support them on moving day. But sometimes we aren’t available to help, whether your friend is moving out of the province, or you have plans already on that day. The good news is, there are certain things you can order online that can give your friend the best gift of all – a stress free move. Through every step of the moving process, here are some things you can order online.

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How to Pack Your Car with Rental Moving Boxes for a Move

If you’re packing your car for a move, you’ll need to be a bit strategic. Whether you are shipping your larger items, or they are travelling in a truck, packing your car for a move can help you to downsize your belongings, stay organized, and enjoy a cross-country (or cross-province) road trip. It does take a bit of planning and strategy, but follow these tips and you’ll be able to pack your car carefully and have a safe and comfortable drive to your new home. Continue reading