Rent Moving Boxes in Toronto and Start your Zero Waste Journey

Getting started on a zero waste lifestyle can be very overwhelming. So many of the things that we use are designed to be disposable, and the more you look into it, the more you might be realizing just how much planning it can take to go zero waste. The good news is, every zero waste practitioner will tell you that your best bet is to start with a few small steps. A move can be a good time to start fresh and try out a few things. Continue reading

Use Plastic Moving Boxes to Move Your Home Office Across Toronto

Moving your home office can seem like a real chore. There might be a mix of heavy things like paper files, and a lot of little things like paper clips or the important notes you have stuck on the wall. Even if you work mostly digitally, you don’t want to leave any of the things that make your home office work behind. Make sure you follow these steps to make sure your home office move goes smoothly. Continue reading