Order Your Moving Boxes and These Other Business Must-Haves Online

There are some things that you definitely want to see in person before you make an investment. For example, you probably checked out the space for your business in person before you committed to setting up shop. On the flip side, there are some items that you can simply order online, and save time and money on. You can feel a peace of mind in knowing we offer easy to order online moving boxes that are guaranteed quality and eco-friendly. But did you know these other things can also be easily ordered online for your business? Continue reading

For An Even More Efficient Vancouver Office Move, Don’t Pack These Items Into Your Rental Moving Boxes

Organizing everything that you need for an office move and making sure that you don’t leave anything behind can be stressful. While you don’t want to leave anything important behind, it’s also not a great feeling to unpack rental moving boxes of stuff at your new office, only to realize that you brought a bunch of items that you don’t need anymore. Ending up with piles of garbage and recycling at your new office isn’t a great way to get things started. That’s why the Vancouver moving box rental experts from Blue Bins have collected some information for you here to help you start fresh in your new office. Continue reading

Make Rental Moving Totes the First Step in Greening Your New Toronto Home!

Making your home more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly can seem like a daunting and expensive task. However, you don’t always need to jump into a massive renovation in your new home. Sometimes small changes, like using rental moving totes, can be quick, affordable, and easy to implement. As you’re planning for your new place, take a look at this list and find some ideas that might work for you! Continue reading