Make Sure You Have the Right Toronto Moving Supplies Provider for Your Pop-Up Shop

A pop-up shop can be a great way for a small business to test a new market, showcase new products, or increase revenue without the cost of a permanent storefront. According to Storefront and Shopify, temporary retail, also known as pop-up shops, are expected to generate $80 billion dollars annually. It’s also a relatively low cost option for a physical retail location. Continue reading

Something Spilled During the Move? Here Are Tips to Keep things Clean when Renting Moving Boxes in Toronto

Sometimes the best laid plans just… fall apart. As much as you want to stay clean when doing DIY projects, life has a way of making sure you get stained to commemorate the project. Similarly, during the packing and moving process, it can involve some messy projects that end up a little messier than you planned. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you get the stains out of your clothes or upholstery! Continue reading

Get Your Antiques and Heirlooms Safely to Your New Toronto Home with Moving Box Rentals

Some things can’t be replaced. Whether you’ve collected antiques over many trips to flea markets and garage sales, or you have things that have been passed down through your family, you want to make sure that everything arrives safely. This can be extra hard when dealing with items that are fragile or susceptible to damage. But here are some tips to make it easier. Continue reading

7 Hacks To Take Your Toronto Rental Apartment to the Next Level Once You’ve Unpacked Your Reusable Moving Boxes

Moving into a rental can sometimes feel like you can’t really make the place your own. Maybe your landlord has strict rules, or maybe you don’t want to invest too much into a place that you’re only planning to live in for a short time. You also don’t want to spend your time in a place that feels more like a hotel than a home. The good news is that there are some simple tricks and decor that you can pack into your reusable moving boxes when you’re ready to make your next Toronto move. Continue reading