4 Common Missteps Montreal Homeowners Make When Choosing Moving Supplies

We’ve all made missteps when relocating from one Montreal home to another.  The key to avoiding common moving errors is to learn from other’s mistakes.  That’s why we’ve put together this list of the most avoidable blunders related to choosing moving supplies. 

#1:  Accepting any and all moving boxes.

Your best friend says he has five boxes he can donate toward your move.  Your boss gives you three dusty crates from the backroom.  Your mother brings down some shabby boxes from the attic.  Even the corner grocer hands you a couple of boxes that used to hold fruit.  You’re all set, right?  Wrong.  The problem is that you’re going to end up with tons of mismatched moving boxes that won’t stack correctly, waste space and could possibly fall apart the minute you start maneuvering them.

The remedy: Rent moving supplies that are uniform in shape and size.

#2:  Using moving boxes that aren’t sanitary.

Remember that grocer we just described?  Do you know where the boxes he’s giving you came from?  Could there be mites or insects hiding in the corners?  If you’re not sure where your box was, and you can’t clean it, you can’t be certain it doesn’t contain critters you’d rather not introduce to your Montreal home.

The remedy:  Get plastic moving bins and containers that can be cleaned and sanitized before and after your move.

#3:  Picking up boxes and moving them one-by-one.

It’s so tempting to just haul all the boxes from your old home to the moving van, but it’s not the healthiest choice.  You could wind up exhausted way before the end of the day, and even injure yourself with all the lifting.

The remedy:  Instead of putting pressure on your body to move your boxes, rent at least one dollie to do the work for you.

#4:  Looking for boxes at the last minute.

Have you ever started packing at the last minute?  You’re definitely not alone.  Many people in Montreal who are going through a move for the first time neglect to get moving supplies lined up in advance of the big day.  Then, they end up running around in the days before the move takes place.  This is not only unnecessary, but it adds to the stress of relocating.

The remedy:  Rent your moving boxes as soon as you know your moving date, or the expected moving date.  This will ensure that you get the boxes delivered to you in a timely fashion so you can pack periodically over a few weeks.

Remember that for every moving misstep that’s been made by others, there’s a lesson you can learn!  Gather all the information you need before your Montreal move, and you’ll be in a better place when it’s time to switch homes.

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