5 Boxes to Check Before your Mississauga Move

Moving to a new space is often a hectic and stressful task. Lists have been found to be an excellent way to keep on-task, ensuring that none of the tasks are forgotten.

To help you to keep your move in order, we’ve assembled 5 boxes to check before moving your business in Mississauga.

  • Pack important items first.

The later something is left, the greater the likelihood is that it will be left behind. Make a point of packing all of your most important items before anything else in moving boxes. If there are any important items that you will be unable to pack in advance, make sure to place them on a final checklist that you can run-through, item-by-item, to ensure that these items are not left behind.

  • Label diligently.

Nobody wants to spend a week digging through unlabelled boxes to find theirs. Moving boxes for your Mississauga move should be clearly labelled with destinations, and those destinations must correspond to the plans from which the movers are working.

If you have a number of people sharing a space, such as a cubicle, having two labels (one with a name and one with a destination) can help both your movers and your employees to quickly deliver everything to where it needs to go.

Labelling is also important for handling considerations. Anything that a mover should know should be clearly labelled in a way that stands out from the destination. Brightly coloured labels, tapes, or stickers can be used to ensure that employees and movers alike will know if a box is fragile, heavy, or must be refrigerated.

  • Separate delicate and fragile items.

Not only must fragile items be carefully packed using bubble wrap or packing peanuts, but they should also be packed together if possible, rather than packing them with non-fragile items.

Fragile items that are properly packed will not only be protected itself, but have enough bulky padding to prevent them from causing damage to other fragile items with which they are packed. However, if there is a heavy un-padded item in the same box, such as a paperweight or a bookend, that item could end up shifting and causing damage.

  • Don’t try to move what you aren’t qualified to move.

Large items such as desks and partitions, or equipment such as printers and photocopiers, often require special handling to ensure that they are not damaged through either the disassembly or moving process. Furthermore, with electronics, it is often necessary to secure flaps, drawers, or internal components to ensure that they are not damaged in the move.

If in doubt, leave it to the professionals!

Call Blue Bins

Finally, make sure that you have all the moving boxes in Mississauga you need to move efficiently and stress-free. We can provide you with the resources you need to pack, label, store, and transport all of your office equipment, with minimal disruption to your workflow. Contact us to for a quote today.