5 Reasons Businesses Moving to Ontario are Using Plastic Boxes for Moving

It’s not a secret that many businesses from around the globe are moving to Canadian provinces such as Ontario.  As a recent Forbes article explained, Canada ranks as one of the strongest countries in terms of its economy.  At $1.6 trillion dollars, it’s the ninth biggest worldwide, and is continuing to grow.  As companies relocate to places like Toronto and Ottawa, they are using plastic boxes for moving their items.  Here are five solid reasons why:

#1:  Plastic moving boxes are sturdy.

No company wants to deal with moving boxes that break or bend, and cardboard boxes have a tendency to be very “crushable”.  Plastic moving boxes aren’t susceptible to this kind of damage.

#2:  Plastic doesn’t appeal to bugs.

Facing facts, we have to admit that bugs love cardboard.  Not all bugs, but a lot of the types that you wouldn’t want in your office, such as cockroaches and bed bugs.  Plastic has no appeal to insects, so they won’t be as likely to “hitch a ride” on a plastic moving box.

#3:  Plastic boxes for moving are eco-friendly.

While many organizations claim their products are eco-friendly, suppliers of plastic boxes for moving, such as Toronto based Blue Bins, can back up their claims.  In Blue Bins’ case, all the boxes are made from recycled plastic, and when they come to the end of their usefulness, they are shredded and turned into new boxes.  It’s practically a zero-waste end result.

#4:  Plastic boxes are easier to stack and store.

Because all plastic moving boxes are uniform in size, they stack quite easily.  There are no “mismatched” boxes with which to contend, nor any sudden “tower collapses” which can occur when cardboard boxes are piled too high.

#5:  Plastic moving boxes save time and money.

Plastic moving boxes require no added securing measures like tape or staples; they also can be put together and taken down in a matter of a few seconds.  All that time saved adds up to money in the bank.  Plus, the rental rates on plastic moving boxes are incredibly reasonable.

Any company that’s packing up and moving to Ontario deserves the best start possible.  Plastic moving boxes can help make sure that happens.

For more information about Blue Bins’ offers for businesses, contact their team of helpful customer service representatives today!

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