5 Reasons to Attend the Toronto Franchise Expo and Talk to the Leading Eco Boxes and Moving Supplies Company

You’re an entrepreneur in your heart and soul.  You’re someone who wants to make decisions and be your own boss.  You have a passion for the environment and for helping others.  In other words, you’re perfectly suited to consider becoming a Blue Bins licensee!  If you have a desire to open your own business but don’t want to reinvent the wheel, come to The Franchise Expo in Toronto on September 10-11, 2016.  There, you can talk to Blue Bins’ representatives at Booth #434 and find out all about our fantastic blueprint for getting our brand of eco-friendly boxes and moving supplies into your community!  Currently, we’re looking to expand Blue Bins to several areas, including Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Halifax, Hamilton, Kingston, Peterborough and Kitchener/Waterloo.

Want more reasons to visit this huge Canadian showcase?  We have five!

#1:  You can find out how to take control of your career future.

If you’ve been tired of working for someone else and want to step up your career, licensing is one of the proven vehicles to success.  It allows you to make decisions for yourself, but piggyback on the methods that have worked for your parent company, the licensor.

#2:  You can plot out your future in terms of predicted revenue.

Starting a business can be worrisome, especially when you don’t know what kind of revenue stream to predict.  Working with an existing company like Blue Bins allows you to have a better understanding of what to expect from a financial perspective.

#3:  You can choose your dream team.

Are you excited at the prospect of finally being able to work with likeminded people?  Being a licensee gives you the capability to expand your goals and build a dream team.  Plus, you get to work with amazing people at your licensor!  It’s the best of all worlds.

#4:  You can bring unique, eco-conscientious products to your community.

Blue Bins is all about being a better steward of the environment.  If you want everyone in your community to have the opportunities to use products that will not end up cluttering our already-overflowing landfills, you definitely need to talk to Blue Bins.  As a licensee, you will be able to introduce your community members to a product that’s revolutionary – yet so simple.

#5:  You can work with both residential and business customers.

You aren’t held back by a certain type of customer when you partner with Blue Bins.  Our moving supplies are useful for both residential and corporate clients.  This gives you a broad base from which to build your presence in your local market.

Want to know more?  Visit the Blue Bins booth at The International Centre – Hall 5 in Toronto in September.  You could just be the next big success story in your hometown!