5 Things to do Before You Pack Your Moving Boxes and Leave!

Moving out of your home, especially if you’re moving to a new neighbourhood or city can be bittersweet. After all, going somewhere new means leaving behind some of the good things that you love about where you are now! So, before you load you moving boxes into the truck, here are 5 things that you can do to make the transition easier.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Maybe it’s the barista at the place you got your coffee on the way to work every morning, or the cashier at your favourite place to grab pizza on a Friday night. Maybe it’s your pharmacist, your mail carrier, or crossing guard. Before you stop being a regular, let these people know how much you’ve appreciated them. A simple card or even just an in person thank you can go a long way. It’s also a great way to recognize someone who recognized you.

Give Back

Don’t pack things into your moving boxes that don’t belong to you. Take time to sort out things that need to be returned to their owners, and then make time to do it. Look out for books that need to go back to the library or tools that need to go back to a neighbour. If you’ve got kids, don’t forget to check with them to see if they’ve borrowed any toys from a friend in the neighbourhood. If you’ve hosted get-togethers, check your closet for forgotten hats and scarves.

Picture This

Sometimes we don’t realize how important the everyday places and views are until we’re leaving. Take some time to catch some pictures of places that you’ll miss in your neighbourhood. Maybe it’s your favourite dog park, the weekly farmers market, the bench where you met your running group every Saturday, or the view from your front door. Save the photos for a day when you need a smile.

Be a Tourist

If you’re moving cities, use the time before you move to hit up any of the tourist attractions that you always said you would check out but never did. Make time to visit that cool museum that all of your visiting friends raved about, or actually stop to look at the landmark that you walk right past every day. Enjoy the things that make your city special.

Say Goodbye

Keeping in touch long distance can be hard for everyone, so before you only see each other on Facebook, make time for your local friends. You can have a series of lunches and coffees, or one big send-off that everyone can attend. If you have kids, consider setting up a big playdate at a local playground and invite their friends from school. None of this has to be fancy, just have a good time!

Before you move on to the next big adventure, it’s a good idea to take some time to appreciate the people and places you might miss when you move. While you’re doing that, we can deliver your moving boxes right to you, leaving you more time to enjoy your last weeks in your neighbourhood. Order your moving boxes online or call us today!