7 Hacks To Take Your Toronto Rental Apartment to the Next Level Once You’ve Unpacked Your Reusable Moving Boxes

Moving into a rental can sometimes feel like you can’t really make the place your own. Maybe your landlord has strict rules, or maybe you don’t want to invest too much into a place that you’re only planning to live in for a short time. You also don’t want to spend your time in a place that feels more like a hotel than a home. The good news is that there are some simple tricks and decor that you can pack into your reusable moving boxes when you’re ready to make your next Toronto move.

Contact Paper is Your Friend

It’s nice to have some decorating options that look high class, but aren’t heavy or expensive. Contact paper comes in all kinds of colours and patterns, including marble, granite, chalkboard, and stainless steel. It’s perfect to cover parts of your apartment that don’t quite work for you, like ugly countertops, old appliances, or even sections of your wall. The good news is that you can peel it off when you’re leaving the space without damaging anything.

Warm Up Your Floors

An apartment with cold floors is not nice to wake up to on winter mornings. Cotton mats can still warm up your floors, but they can fold up to fit into your Toronto reusable moving boxes making them easier to take with you than large carpets. Choosing simple colours or patterns might make the mats more versatile, but bold colours can add a little more personality to a space.

Avoid Drilling with Tension Rods

If you need to store towels or shoes, organize your baking sheets, or even hang an extra curtain, a tension rod can help without requiring any drilling or damage to your walls. Take note of how sturdy the rod is to gauge how much weight it can support. Use them to add a shoe rack to a closet, divide a drawer or cupboard, or hide the contents of a closet without needing doors.

Find Some Storage Furniture

If you’re moving into a place with little to no storage space, finding some furniture that can also act as storage is a must. Unpack your blankets, board games, or toys from your reusable moving boxes and store them in an ottoman, sofa, or coffee table.

Create Washi Tape Frames

Rolls of washi tape come in all different widths and patterns, and the tape is gentle enough to keep any paint job damage free. If you can’t put nails into the wall to hang picture frames, attach the pictures to the wall with tape, and then create the illusion of a frame with washi tape! This is a great way to make a gallery wall on a budget that still looks great.

Protect Your Floors from Vintage Furniture Finds

Thrifting great old armchairs, desks, or end tables can be a great way to get some beautiful pieces into your home without making a huge investment, but it won’t be worth the trouble if they scratch up your floors! Attach pieces of cork or felt pads to the legs of your furniture to ensure that they can slide smoothly on the floor without leaving a mark.

Make Washable Frosted Windows

Sometimes curtains are too much, but you still want a little more privacy in your window. Pack some cornstarch and paper fabric into your reusable moving boxes in Toronto and you can solve this problem. Mix the cornstarch with water and use that to paste on some translucent paper or fabric to give yourself more privacy while still letting in some light. All you have to do is wash it off when you’re done!

Moving into a rental apartment doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with everything the way that it is. A few little changes can make a big difference, and with these tricks you can keep things damage free so you landlord will be happy too. When you’re ready to move to your next Toronto rental, make sure you get in touch with us to order reusable moving boxes. Order online or call us today.