7 Life Hacks to Save Money on Toronto Moving Supplies and Other Moving Essentials

We all deserve to get a great deal when we’re moving to or from Toronto or the GTA. So how can you save money on everything from moving supplies to carpet cleaning? Check out some of these tried-and-true life hacks for the budget conscious!

  1. Tackle home repairs yourself.Okay, this may or may not be your style, but let’s say your home repairs are pretty simple. Why pay someone to do what you can learn by watching a home improvement video on YouTube? Of course, if it gets too complicated or you start to feel overwhelmed, there’s no humiliation in admitting that you’re in over your head.
  2. Make your own cleaning supplies.This is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to get your old home and your new home spotless for less. Simply use a mixture of vinegar and water, or some other homemade cleaning product. You’ll be doing the earth a favor by eliminating all the toxic stuff from the environment, and your house will look shiny and terrific.
  3. Order plastic, recycled moving supplies.It’s another green solution that won’t wreck your moving budget! At Blue Bins, we offer right-to-your door delivery and pick-up. Remember: Time is money. When you save time, you save dollars.
  4. Declutter your home before you move out.Do you have items that you haven’t opened from your last move? How about all those outfits you swore you were going to wear again… but never did? And that hideous lamp you inherited from your great-aunt back in the 1990s? It’s time to either sell, donate or junk all that stuff that you can no longer use. You’ll have less to move, and that means a smaller truck.
  5. Rent a moving truck and DIY. Okay, this is a tricky one. We know you want to save money, and this can definitely be a place to do it, but we want to be clear about a few things. First, if you take a DIY attitude to moving, you’re not going to be insured. If you break something, you get nothing in return. Plus, if your home is quite large and you have plenty to move, this might be too much for you to tackle on your own. Finally, if you’re older, your body might not love moving all those furnishings. Sometimes, it’s better to pay someone else and find another area to save your money.
  6. Leave your appliances at your home. If your appliances are older models, why bother to move them? Leave them in your house, and you’ll have more room in the moving truck.
  7. Rent a steam cleaner and give your carpets the once-over. Steam cleaners can be rented by the day (or days), and if your carpets aren’t too filthy, they do a terrific job of making your home look appealing for the next owner. While you have the steam cleaner in your possession, head over to your new place and do those rugs, too!

There’s nothing wrong with keeping a little more in your coffers during your move. By being frugal and smart, you can enjoy your moving day that much more!

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