7 Reasons Offices Move (and need to find plastic moving bins!)

Families aren’t the only groups to move; often, Ontario based offices do, too.  Though their reasons for moving from one locale to another vary, there are typically some similarities.  Below, we will look at the seven main reasons that businesses move (and ultimately need to rent plastic moving bins to securely transport their documents and workplace items!)

#1:  The company has outgrown its current space

It’s a good problem to have: A business has done so well that new employees have to be brought into the mix.  Of course, it’s still a problem if people are crammed into small spaces as if they were sardines in a tin can!  At some point, an organization that has grown too big to accommodate its staff members needs to either move all or some of the workers to another location.

#2:  The company has decided to downsize

It can be very wise for companies to downsize, and that doesn’t mean that the company is having financial troubles, or will soon be unable to satisfy its customer base.  Many organizations divest some of their services or products, or they decide to allow certain employees to work from home.  As a result, they just don’t require the same square footage as they did before.

#3:  The company wants to expand to a second site

It’s not at all unusual for Canadian businesses that are doing well to open a second site in another part of town, another city or even another province.  By doing so, they can engage a different customer base, whether they sell B2B, B2C or a mixture of the two.

#4:  The company is tired of its current lease

Unfortunately, not all industrial or corporate properties are well-maintained.  Consequently, once a company’s lease is up, the company’s leaders may decide to move the operation somewhere else.

#5:  The company is going to get a better deal at another location

A bargain is a bargain, and if the cost of staying put is exorbitant, it could make fiscal sense to choose another location.

#6:  The company’s current site is being demolished or renovated

Sometimes, office buildings are torn down, or will undergo renovations that could seriously affect the workflow of their tenants.  In those cases, a few of the corporations renting workspaces in those places may want to say “Sayonara” and look for another site.

#7:  The company has been purchased by another owner

Finally, it’s not odd for companies that are doing well to be purchased by other companies.  Though a relocation isn’t always necessary for workers, it can be if the purchasing entity decides to close down the site and simply bring the existing employees to another locale.

Again, every business moves for its own reasons.  In the end, most will eventually need to make a call to a plastic moving bin supplier like Toronto’s Blue Bins.

Is your company planning a move in the future?  Blue Bins is ready to help out!

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