7 Rules for Downsizing and Using the Right Moving Supplies in Montreal

Downsizing is trending in a large way right now in both the residential and corporate worlds, especially among Baby Boomers who are ages 55+ and don’t want to take care of McMansions now that their children have flown from the nest. In general, there seems to be a renewed realization and acceptance that living or working in a smaller environment can actually be more productive, efficient, effective and enjoyable. Obviously, it can also save significant amounts of money in the long run, which can be saved or used to invest in other places. Of course, there are rules to downsizing and using the right moving supplies in Montreal or any other part of Canada.

Rule #1: Plan your downsizing well in advance of the actual move date.

Downsizing takes planning and pragmatism, especially if you’re moving from a particularly large space into a much smaller one. It may be necessary to begin your downsizing six months or a year from the actual date that you move to your new home or workspace. This gives you time to make outlines on paper indicating what you have to do to make the move a success.

Rule #2: Start ridding your residence or workplace of unnecessary items as soon as you decide to downsize.

Downsizing is much easier if you begin selling, giving away or tossing items immediately. After all, you don’t want to have to pay to move anything unwanted to your new location, only to have to deal with it there! You can use moving supplies such as plastic moving boxes from Blue Bins to coordinate your efforts and pare down your belongings.

Rule #3: Speaking of Moving Supplies… Make Sure to Rent Yours Early

One of the biggest concerns for downsizers is that they wait too long to order their rentals in terms of moving supplies in Montreal, Toronto, etc. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do this last minute. Blue Bins offers online scheduling so you can get this done very quickly and from the comfort of your home or office.

Rule #4: Prepare Everyone for the Downsize

If every person in your family or business isn’t on board with the downsizing, the move will be rougher than needed. Be certain you explain the benefits to each individual, even children. It will make the transition less difficult.

Rule #5: Rent a Storage Locker or Unit for Items You Want to Keep

Are there some pieces of furniture or appliances you just cannot live without but cannot take to your new place because they’ll be too large? Add up the costs associated with renting a quality storage unit or locker. Then, rent moving supplies like plastic Blue Bins and take what you want to the temporary staging area.

Rule #6: Find the Right Smaller Locale

Not all small homes are cozy, and not all small offices are efficient. Take your time to find the best one for what you need. Purchasing a one-bedroom home might seem like a great idea… until you realize that your twins won’t be babies and able to sleep in your bedroom forever! What can seem like a good idea at the time can turn into a nightmare later.

Rule #7: Take Enough Time to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Move

If you’re moving a household, make sure to take some time off work if you can to enjoy your move after everything has been unpacked and your moving supplies are back at Blue Bins headquarters getting sanitized. This will allow you to feel more at home. If you have downsized an office, have a celebratory extended breakfast or lunch so everyone can become more accustomed to their new workspaces.
When handled appropriately, downsizing can be a boon and not a bust as long as you plan to succeed. You owe it to yourself and everyone involved to be as practical as you can; when you downsize the correct way, you’ll discover amazing room to grow on so many levels!

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