7 Uses for Plastic Moving Boxes That You Never Considered

Think that plastic moving boxes are only good for one thing?  Think again!  At Blue Bins, our wonderful customers and partners have taught us to “never say never”.  In fact, there are plenty of uses for our moving supplies, including the ones below.

  1. When going through your home during “spring cleaning” time, have a few Blue Bins on hand.  Some will be for the items you don’t need, but want to donate.  Others will be for the items you don’t want, but wish to sell.
  2. Do you like to go to estate sales and auctions?  Safely carry all the treasures you purchase back to your home or office in sturdy plastic moving boxes.
  3. If your home or business is undergoing a renovation, plastic moving boxes can be utilized to store documents, knick-knacks and more until the renovation has been completed.
  4. When selling your property, you should always stage it.  However, that means removing all clutter from the eyesight of potential buyers.  Put your personal items in storage in Blue Bins until you see a “Sold” sign.
  5. If you experience a disaster on your property and need to move your salvageable things into safe storage, Blue Bins can be rented for any length of time.
  6. Community nonprofits that are having a “drive” (e.g., for food, clothing, toys) can put out Blue Bins plastic containers for people to fill with donated goodies.  When the fundraiser is finished, the goods can be delivered in perfect shape.
  7. When kids are moving to and from university, they might not immediately consider how much easier it can be to use uniformly-designed plastic moving boxes than a series of different-sized cardboard-based boxes.

How will you use Blue Bins?  We’d love to hear!  Join us on Facebook and tell us your ideas.

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