7 Ways Plastic Moving Bins Take a Bite out of Moving Stress!

Moving is stressful enough, so why add to the stressors by messing around with irritating (and dirty!) cardboard boxes?  It’s so much easier to simply use plastic moving bins and relax a little more.  After all, every move is a journey; shouldn’t it be an enjoyable one?

We’ve determined that there are seven ways that choosing plastic moving bins will help alleviate some of the stress associated with relocating.  In our experiences, plastic moving bins:

#1:  Are much easier to handle.  Because they are of uniform size, they can be picked up easily.

#2:  Are stackable.  Have you ever tried to stack several cardboard boxes of varying sizes?  If you’re not careful, you can end up with a big mess if one falls… and then takes the whole “tower” of boxes with it!  That doesn’t happen with our plastic moving bins because they fit nicely on top of one another.

#3:  Offer “no tape necessary” technology.  It can be a really enormous pain to deal with packing tape.  With Blue Bins, you never have to!

#4:  Can be dropped off and picked up.  There’s no more running around like crazy looking for boxes!  Our plastic moving bins can be delivered right to your doorstep, and then picked up at your new place.

#5:  Are incredibly sturdy.  Almost everyone has “over-packed” a cardboard box.  Not only does the bottom fall out, but the contents spill all over.  That’s enough to make anyone feel tense!  Fortunately, Blue Bins are made to withstand heavy contents.

#6:  Can be reused.  Are you interested in saving the planet?  So are we!  That’s why we ensure that our products aren’t going to end up in landfills.  In fact, if a Blue Bins product can’t be repaired, it undergoes a shredding process so it can be made into a brand new plastic bin!  This almost 100 percent eliminates waste.

#7:  Are affordable.  Money is always an issue when it comes to moving.  We’ve set our rates at reasonable amounts so they don’t make your wallet anxious!

Never allow a move to frustrate you again.  Pack all your belongings in a plastic moving bin from Canada’s Blue Bins.

Want to see our great prices?  Check out our rate page today!

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