7 Ways Plastic Moving Bins Will Change Moving Forever!

Plastic moving bins are definitely a “move” in the right direction!  In fact, they just might change the way people and businesses relocate forever.

Think that sounds too profound?  Think again!  Plastic moving bins such as those from Toronto based Blue Bins are taking the moving industry by storm, and for very good reason.  In fact, there are no less than seven ways that they are changing the face of how items are moved from one locale to another:

1)      Plastic moving bins are the ultimate “green” solution!  No longer do homeowners or companies need to worry that they aren’t being good stewards of the earth.  With plastic moving bins, they can feel good about their moving box choices.

2)      Plastic moving bins can be cleaned and sanitized.  Unlike cardboard boxes which harbor dirt, dust, grime, pollen, dander, insect residue, live insects and rodent detritus, Blue Bins moving boxes don’t hide any yuckiness.

3)      Blue Bins can be delivered and picked up.  There’s no hauling needed, and this means less of a hassle for homeowners.

4)      Plastic moving bins are self-sealing.  Less money spent on tape means less money “out the window”.

5)      Blue Bins come in standard sizes.  Not only do they stack neatly, but they won’t break down under the weight of other boxes, as can often happen when using cardboard moving boxes.

6)      Plastic moving boxes can be quickly put together.  It doesn’t take much time for a plastic moving box to be unfolded and placed into a box form.

7)      Blue Bins consistently donates to charities.  Again, this is important for any user of these types of moving boxes.  After all, if a company gives back, it has a record of supporting neighbors and communities.

In the end, there’s no reason not to give plastic moving boxes more than a second glance.  They truly are the wave of the future for the green moving industry.

Find out more about Blue Bins and their plastic moving boxes at their website!

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