7 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Plastic Moving Boxes to Sell More Houses

When they give clients plastic moving boxes gift certificates, realtors may see a spike in business.

Realtors are always looking for ways to edge out the competition; what they might not realize is that giving clients gift certificates for plastic moving boxes rentals could mean the difference between a “yes” sale, and no sale.  Though items like those offered through Ontario’s Blue Bins might not seem glamorous at first blush, they can actually be a major source of possible profits for real estate agents willing to think outside the proverbial (moving) box.

Here are seven of the top ways savvy realtors can use Blue Bins to increase their profit margins:

  1. Give Blue Bins gift certificates to every client.  At first, the return will seem hard to track.  However, as word-of-mouth about a realtor’s housewarming present of choice spreads, more people will come to him or her.
  2. Have a link to Blue Bins on professional websites and business cards.  By showing clients and prospects a commitment to the environment, realtors can position themselves as enviro-friendly.
  3. Suggest Blue Bins plastic moving boxes as storage solutions for home “staging”.  When a home is staged, numerous items must be put into onsite or offsite storage.  Blue Bins products are the ideal temporary storage solutions.
  4. Introduce plastic moving boxes to preferred moving companies.  If a realtor has a moving company with whom he or she trades referrals, adding a mention regarding Blue Bins can only help them both.  Blue Bins promotes ease of moving, which means moving companies can work faster, not harder, and ultimately increase their bottom lines.
  5. Use plastic moving boxes for any internal moves.  It’s no secret that real estate agents have to move, too!  Whether they are moving their offices or homes, they can utilize products from Blue Bins to showcase their support for environmental stewardship.
  6. Talk about Blue Bins with the people who are selling the house the realtor’s clients are buying.  This is a great way to foster a low-key relationship with people who may move again.
  7. Share the Blue Bins phenomenon with fellow real estate agents.  If a realtor works in a team atmosphere, there’s no reason to keep Blue Bins a secret!  The more people who know about this great alternative to messy, time-consuming traditional cardboard moving boxes, the better!

To find out more about Blue Bins’ special offers for realtors, companies and families, visit their site at www.BlueBins.com.

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