Blue Bins Loves to “Move You”!

Blue Bins is based in Canada and offers eco-friendly packing and moving supplies.

When we say that our staff loves what we do, we definitely mean it!

Since 1993, Canadian-based Blue Bins has been dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with the eco-friendliest, most convenient packing and moving supplies on the planet. Our founder and president, Joe Lopes, is passionate about making sure every one of our customer’s moves becomes as stress-free as possible. So is the rest of our team.

The Blue Bins motto is simple:  “No delivery is too small… or too large!”

We may focus on the rental of reusable plastic containers, but our number one concern is that each customer gets the best Blue Bins experience possible.

Blue Bins’ vision is to provide plastic bins & moving boxes.

The Blue Bins Vision is simple, because we feel it shouldn’t be complicated:

  • To provide customers with the best, most cost-effective eco-friendly moving supplies.
  • To serve private consumers and commercial entities.
  • To offer a diversification of environmentally conscientious packing and moving supplies.
  • To provide customers with an easily-accessible storefront for pick-up and drop-off of reusable moving boxes and supplies.
  • To always rent and sell items that are recycled.

Our name may say “blue”, but we focus on “green”. 

Supplying residential and commercial clients with the greenest packing and moving supplies available is part of Blue Bin’s ongoing mission. We are stewards of the planet, and that means reducing landfill waste whenever possible. In fact, when one of our recyclable plastic moving boxes is slightly damaged, we can repair it using a special “plastic welding” repair service.

Watch Our Blue Bins in Action!

Videos of Blue Bins eco-friendly moving boxes show how easy they are to use, and how popular they have become.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to choose Blue Bins eco-friendly moving boxes? Are you confused about how a simple moving box can be so incredible? Do you want to learn more about Blue Bins’ commitment to the environment?

Check out the following video, and see for yourself:

  • Why Blue Bins is the provider of choice for Ontario colleges and universities when they want to provide clean, sturdy, recyclable moving boxes to students moving into the dorms.
  • The reason that Blue Bins is consistently asked to be part of industry-specific conventions and showcases.
  • How Blue Bins has helped people and organizations in the Toronto community and beyond fulfill their missions.
  • Why we at Blue Bins love the role we play as a premier provider of plastic moving boxes.
  • How a Blue Bins product is manufactured, repaired and, eventually, recycled.

Blue Bins Team welcomes you!

Visit our YouTube channel for more videos.

Before you make your next move, call Blue Bins!

We’re happy to tell you more about the options available to you today.  Contact us and request  a quote. We guarantee you’ll be seeing Blue!

Blue Bins Unlimited is a supplying member of Canada’s Trade Association for the Moving Industry, and uses only the finest and most durable reusable plastic moving containers from Buckhorn.