Go Green with Blue!

Canadian-based Blue Bins is “green” and offers plastic moving bins &  boxes.

Going Green has never been so Blue!

Before being environmentally friendly was in vogue, Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. was offering customers throughout Toronto and beyond packing and moving supplies that wouldn’t end up in landfills.  Providing rentals (and purchases) of our plastic moving boxes is at the heart of our company; it’s simply the right thing to do.

Every time you use Blue Bins’ reusable moving boxes, you can be sure you are being ecologically responsible.

Our signature plastic moving boxes are created from recycled materials.  When they become damaged, we use a “plastic welding” technique to repair them.  If they are beyond repair, they are shipped back to the manufacturer and shredded to make new boxes.  It’s truly recycling at its finest!

To learn more about Blue Bins’ revolutionary processes, as well as how you can enjoy their convenient services, contact our representatives today!

Blue Bins Unlimited uses only the finest and most durable reusable plastic moving containers from Buckhorn.