The Blue Bins Team

Blue Bins’ team provides eco-friendly moving boxes and supplies as well as leadership.

Meet the Blue Bins Leadership Team

Joe Lopes

Now president of Blue Bins Unlimited Corporation, Joe had a vision of how to provide commercial entities with eco-friendly moving supplies in 1987.  That vision became Blue Bins in 1993, and he’s continued his mission to provide the best-valued service on the planet.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Joe is a proud grandfather, fantastic father and loving husband.

Elisa Lopes

As Vice President of Blue Bins Unlimited, Elisa walks hand-in-hand with her husband, founder Joe Lopes.  After joining the family business in 2003, she continues to work on strengthening the mission.

Aside from being passionate about business, Elisa is a devoted wife and mother of two.

Maria Amarelo

Maria is the Office Manager at Blue Bins, and is also one of the company’s first employees!  She recently celebrated 20 years as the “heart” of the company.

Despite wearing many hats, Maria is always a delight to speak with.  She also is quick to laugh, and makes her colleagues’ days brighter.

Patricia Lopes

Since joining Blue Bins in 2010, Patricia, the Sales Manager and New Business Development representative, has focused on taking Blue Bins to new levels.  Though her original background is in make-up artistry, she took a leap of faith and joined the family business.  She considers it the best decision she has ever made!