Affordability Is Key When Ordering Commercial Moving Supplies

As every business knows, it’s important to save money wherever you can. One of the places that you can easily reduce your outlay of cash is on commercial moving supplies. Unfortunately, plenty of companies across Canada have bought into the notion that moving has to be ultra-expensive and time-consuming. They end up spending far more than necessary to relocate or open their shops, which just eats into their limited finances.

If you’re planning a corporate move in 2017 or beyond, it’s time to think about the most efficient and affordable ways to get from Point A to Point B. Below, we explore some tips for helping you successfully move your office space without spending too much.

Rent Plastic Moving Bins Instead of Buying Cardboard Ones

You could pay a lot for cardboard moving boxes, but what will you do with them when you’re finished? Chances are good that they’ll mostly be recycled, or – worse yet – thrown into the trash heap.

The alternative to buying cardboard is to rent plastic. Plastic moving boxes and bins are not only sturdier than cardboard varieties, but they break down more easily, aren’t susceptible to water damage and don’t attract bugs. They can also be cleaned and sanitized.

Beyond those advantages, there are other benefits to choosing plastic over cardboard moving boxes:

  • Your employees won’t have to spend tons of time putting boxes together and then breaking them down. In business, time really IS money. Think of the money that you’ll save. If a cardboard box takes just 1 minute to put together and break down (which is a conservative amount), and your commercial move uses only 150 boxes (many companies need more), that’s 2.5 hours of work time.
  • You won’t have to buy any kind of packing tape. Tape comes with a price tag, even if you buy in bulk. Plus, that’s more time spent not only taping up the cardboard boxes, but then untaping them when you arrive at your destination. Add at least one more minute to perform those tasks, and you’re looking at another 2.5 hours… at least… that are lost. Plus, sticky tape is annoying and has to be disposed of at the end of your move. That’s a burden to your staff, as well as the environment.
  • There are other cardboard concerns that plastic overcomes. How about the way that your cardboard boxes stack? Will you be able to stack them as high in your moving truck without worrying that they’ll break or give way? And will you be able to pack them with as many things as you can a similarly-sized plastic moving box?

It’s time to make a big – and cost-saving – change for your next commercial move. Even if you want to just rent plastic moving boxes and bins for some of your important business items, we’re here for you. When you discover how much simpler and affordable it is to work with Blue Bins, we know you’ll never go back to cardboard!