After Getting Moving Boxes in Toronto, It’s Time for Packing Efficiency

You’ve taken the sting out of getting moving boxes for your Toronto relocation by renting them from Blue Bins.  That was a huge step, and you’re feeling much more relaxed.  When they come to your door, it’s time to take it a step further and start packing with the greatest possible efficiency.  Below are some of the most tried-and-true ways to pack your moving boxes in ways that protect your belongings and leave you less stressed.

1 – Start Putting Away Things as Soon as You Can

Why wait until the last minute when you have all your moving boxes primed and ready to go?  Start putting things into them, and begin with items that you really aren’t going to need before moving day.  For instance, you may want to pack all the trinkets and décor treasures that are unnecessary at this point (unless you’re staging your home to sell it.)

2 – Make Use of Clean Clothing, Towels and Sheets

This is one of those suggestions that sort of sounds like it came from your frugal great-grandmother… and who knows?  She might have suggested it as well!  The idea is that you can use clean fabric items as padding for your valuables that are more likely to break in transit.  Stacking plates on their ends?  (Never stack them in piles, by the way.)  Pad them with some of your clothing that you won’t wear until you get to the new house.

3 – Pack Light Stuff on Top of Heavy Items

Perhaps it seems like this should go without saying, but many very smart Toronto homeowners unintentionally break this rule because they throw things in their moving boxes at the very last minute.  Treat all your breakables with the utmost care, and always put them at the top of your moving boxes with plenty of cushioning.

4 – Keep Your Drawers Full of Clothes

Another way to use clothing is to avoid packing anything already in your drawers.  Simply remove the drawers, cover them with cellophane or clear plastic wrap and move them as-is.  Just be sure that they are unlikely to spill out in the moving van.  Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of money on laundering them when you get to your new house.

5 – Label Your Moving Boxes

Finally, we get to something that’s super-critical and NOT done by many people: labeling the moving boxes.  You don’t need a complicated system of labeling at all.  Some moving families like to colour-coordinate their moving boxes by affixing a label of a certain color that then relates to a room in the new Toronto home or apartment.  It just makes unpacking those moving boxes so much easier.

Every trick that you can use gets you one step closer to moving efficiency.  After calling Blue Bins to rent the proper amount of moving boxes for your relocation, start thinking about the most effective ways to reduce moving stressors by planning ahead.