After the Boxes and Moving Supplies are Unpacked, Try These Great Toronto Eateries!

It’s finally here. Moving day. You’re sitting in your Toronto area home, and you’re loving everything. The relocation went as smoothly as possible, thanks to the boxes and moving supplies you rented and that are now neatly stacked in a corner waiting for pick-up. There’s only one problem – you don’t feel like cooking. Yes, your new kitchen is gorgeous, but it’s definitely a night to eat out!

When you’re new to Toronto and looking for a place to celebrate your move, why not try one of these great Toronto eateries? They range in prices and ambiance, and you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you and your family! Relax and enjoy the Toronto scene; you can always cook something tomorrow!

Richmond Station – This downtown restaurant has everything you’d want, from a great environment to wonderfully diverse menu options. The chalkboard menu changes daily, so you never know what seasonal items may be available. Make sure to share an appetizer – you’ve worked up an appetite!

Smoked & Cracked – Seafood lovers will rejoice as soon as they see the menu of this Toronto favorite on Mount Pleasant Road. From chowder to lobster boils to incredible specials, you’ll feel as if you were at the seashore thanks to the freshness of all their ingredients.

Signs Restaurant – Have you ever wanted to learn as you dine? At Signs Restaurant, the servers use ASL (American Sign Language). Even if you aren’t familiar with this method of communication, you’ll find the experience incredible. Plus, the menu sports fabulous fare including sandwiches and main courses.

Yutaka Japanese Restaurant – Are you in the mood and on the search for authentic Japanese offerings in Toronto? Yutaka Japenese Restaurant is a winner! Though the atmosphere and attire is casual, the food is nothing short of exceptional. You’ll never leave here hungry, and you’ll definitely want to come back after dining on their sushi, soups, rice, rolls and more.

The Elm Tree Restaurant – This is one of the newer restaurants in Toronto, and it’s a family-run venture. The menu has been inspired by cuisine from the Mediterranean, but there’s a decidedly fresh, novel flair to the plating. Relax and toast to your new home here on Toronto’s Elm Street.

Above all else, have a great time on your first night in your house, apartment or condo! Let us make it easy on you by picking up your boxes and moving supplies so you can focus on more important things, like making wonderful memories!