Autumn Is the Perfect Time for Relocation to Montreal… and Ordering Moving Supplies

Although the summer months are typically the most popular times of the year for individuals and families to move from one city to another, autumn still has its benefits. In fact, if you’re thinking about ordering moving supplies and heading to one of Montreal’s beautiful neighborhoods, now is a great season!

Why is autumn so appealing as a time to relocate for residential and commercial customers? Check out these considerations:

  • Movers may be able to better accommodate your schedule. In many cases, if you move at busier times of the year to Montreal, you’re at the mercy of when a mover can fit you into the calendar. This means you may not have your first pick of when you’d like to move. However, in the fall months, it can be much simpler to get your preferred dates.
  • You could get a better deal on properties. Because home and business sellers know that the market isn’t quite as strong in the autumn, they may be more apt to agree to a lower selling price. After all, they don’t want to have to try to sell a property in the winter, which can be challenging (although not impossible when you have the right staging!) This means your budget can go farther, and you might be able to get your dream home for less than you expected.
  • You will probably have a cooler moving day. Moving in June, July and August may sound lovely, but the weather tends to get a bit warm during midday. During the autumn, the temperatures are likely to be seasonably cool. When you’re moving items for eight or more hours, you’ll appreciate this advantage of moving in the fall months!
  • The school year hasn’t quite gotten into full swing. Certainly, it can be tough for kids to move to a new school. However, it’s a lot easier in the early autumn when school just started, rather than at the middle of the year.
  • You can still enjoy the landscaping and outdoor spaces of your property. If your home or building includes a lot of gorgeous outdoor areas, or amenities, you can still enjoy these fully. For instance, if you have a deck or patio, you’ll be able to spend time there before the colder months encourage you to stay indoors.
  • You can add upgrades before the ground freezes. Are you buying a home and hoping to have a new deck or porch added? It can be difficult to do that, if not impossible, when the ground has frozen solid. Autumn allows you to have all your construction finished before you see the first big snowflakes of winter!
  • You can celebrate the holidays in your new home or at your new corporate location. When you move during the fall, you still have time to spruce up your home or office for the holidays. In fact, the earlier you order your Montreal moving supplies and get yourself settled in, the sooner you can feel at home through all the big end-of-year celebrations!

Remember that Blue Bins is ready to help you with all your Montreal moves this autumn! Our job is to get you packed and prepared for the big day. Contact us now to reserve your plastic, recycled boxes and moving supplies for your Montreal move.