How to Avoid Rogue Movers in Toronto and Find Pros Who Respect the Value of Your Moving Boxes and Furnishings

As with any industry, there are plenty of rogue movers operating in Toronto, Montreal and other Canadian cities. In order to avoid scams and protect your moving boxes and other items, you must do a little homework. That way, you won’t be putting your valuables at risk or wasting your time.

8 Signs of Bad Moving Companies

What are some of the signs of moving companies you should pass on working with? Below are the top eight indicators that you don’t want to trust your moving boxes to their workers’ hands.

  1. They don’t have a website. Really? It’s the 21st century, and not having a site is a big red flag. Not only does this tell you they don’t care, but it also alerts you that they’re penny pinchers… and that’s not good.
  2. They won’t put anything in writing. No contracts? Just say “no” to these rogue movers. You’ll have a hard time if anything goes wrong.
  3. They aren’t members of respected associations like CAM (Canadian Association of Movers.) Organizations such as CAM have members who value their relationships with customers, standing by the quality of their work and operating at the highest ethical levels.
  4. They give you a quote, but it doesn’t seem to be based on what you told them you needed. Chances are good that they are taking a stab in the dark and just want your money. Do you honestly think they’ll treat your furnishings like they’re their own?
  5. They seem to have appeared out of nowhere. While some professional moving companies may be new – and there’s nothing wrong with that – you need to do your homework on them, especially if you’ve never heard of them before.
  6. The price they quote you to move is super-low… much lower than their competitors’ prices. Have you heard the saying “You get what you pay for”? That’s certainly the case with fly-by-night movers who just want to undercut professional moving companies.
  7. They can’t refer you to satisfied customers. This is an indicator that there ARE no satisfied customers. And if you choose them, you’ll become an un-satisfied client very quickly.
  8. They don’t seem professional. The movers needn’t be wearing tuxes and tails, but they also shouldn’t look unprofessional, scruffy or scary. Listen to your gut: If the movers can’t put on clean clothing and uniforms, why will they care about your stuff?

Be Smart – Choose the Right Movers!

Yes, you’ll end up paying a little more for a good mover, but that’s because the mover is investing in insurance, paying their employees’ workers comp bills, and warehousing their equipment and supplies. In the end, you’ll be much happier that you chose wisely!

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