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May 2013

Five Reasons Blue is the New Green

Around here, we like to say that Blue is really the new “Green”.  Though some people give us perplexing or questioning glances, we have five reasons to back up our claim:

  1. Our blue boxes for moving are the most eco-friendly ways to relocate without hurting the environment.
  2. Our blue boxes are truly earth friendly because they can be reused.
  3. Our blue boxes, when slightly damaged, can be repaired by our team of experts using a technologically-advanced “plastic welding” process.
  4. Our blue boxes, when damaged, are shredded and recycled into new blue boxes for moving.
  5. Our blue boxes save green by enabling customers to avoid the hassles of putting boxes together, securing them, unsecuring them and then breaking them down.

The next time you need to move an office, a home or an apartment, give us a call.  We’d love to share our Blue with you.

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