Blue Bins Cautions That Safety Should Come First When Moving in the Winter Months

Cold weather may be on the way, but that doesn’t mean that people have stopped their plans to buy and sell homes throughout Toronto and the rest of the province. In fact, many people choose to move during the winter time, whether because of necessity or just better timing. However, getting ready for a move that’s going to occur when sleet, hail and ice are likely to be in the forecast takes special planning. That’s something Blue Bins, a leading Canadian supplier of rentable eco-friendly moving supplies, knows.

“It’s possible to move at any time of the year, but winter brings with it particular considerations,” says Patricia Lopes, Sales Manager and New Business Development representative, Blue Bins. “People need to plan for all the contingencies in order to ensure that their relocations go as smoothly as possible.”

A few of the tips that Lopes recommends for individuals and families who move to new homes between December and March include:

  • Sweep or shovel the snow in advance of moving day at both the home you’re leaving and the home you’re moving into. That way, the path will be clear for you and, if applicable, professional movers.
  • Turn the heat on at your new home before you move in. This will help keep the house at a good temperature, as well as check to make sure everything’s functioning as needed. No one wants to move into a house where the pipes have frozen or the furnace isn’t in working order.
  • Pre-order a rental of moving supplies. This will cut down on what you have to do, and if you order from a supplier such as Blue Bins, the boxes and dollies will be delivered to your home.
  • Wear the right clothing when moving the house. Moving can and will make you warm up quickly, so be sure you have layers on.
  • If you’re moving furniture in rain or sleet, cover the furniture with a tarp. Make sure to dry any materials as soon as they enter the house so the moisture doesn’t leave any stains.
  • Give someone the responsibility of keeping the smooth floors in the house free from water that’s tracked in. That way, no one will slip on the surface.
  • Get coffee, hot chocolate and tea on hand, and make it available to everyone who’s involved in the move. A snowy or simply cold day necessitates soothing liquids to keep people’s spirits high!

Finally, always have a back-up plan in the case of a sudden snowstorm. Blizzards make moving particularly hazardous. If you’re working with a moving company, ask about contingency plans if the weather turns ugly.

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