Blue Bins Offers 10 Fantastic Moving Tips to Make Relocating Less Stressful

Blue Bins’ moving tips make relocating less stressful.

You know that relocating a house or office can be a stressful experience; that’s why it’s important to employ as many moving tips as you can to lessen the emotional burden.  Canada-based Blue Bins has been in the moving business for more than 20 years, and offers 10 hints to make any move go smoother:

  1. Plan the move as far in advance as possible.  Certainly, some elements might have to be taken care of last-minute, but most can be organized around your schedule.
  2. Ask for the help you need.  Don’t take a “do it yourself” mentality if it’s just going to make your life miserable.  Friends, colleagues and professional movers are all available to assist you, so take advantage of their willingness.
  3. Order your plastic moving boxes rental ahead of time.  As soon as you know your moving dates, call Blue Bins and select the best package for your needs.
  4. Start packing in advance of your move.  There are numerous items in your home or workplace that you don’t need on a daily or weekly basis.  Pack them first since they won’t be missed.
  5. Make sure you stay nourished and hydrated while engaged in the move.  Forgetting to eat or drink water will only make the move more difficult for you physically and mentally.
  6.  Leave the heavy lifting to the pros.  There’s no glory in breaking your back.  Rent plastic dollies and other peripheral moving supplies, and make sure you have people on your team (paid or unpaid) who can lift moving boxes without causing harm.
  7. Pack your valuables securely.  If you have glassware or collectibles, make sure they are safely packed.  You may want to “cradle” them using dish towels, blankets or clothing items.  (Purchasing environmentally unfriendly bubble wrap is a “no-no”.)
  8. Give yourself time to unpack.  When you’re renting your Blue Bins, add a few days to the end of your move before you have to give back your plastic moving boxes.  That way, you won’t have to rush to unpack your office or household.
  9. Move during a weekday.  If you’re able to take a few days off work (or away from client work), you can move during the week.  This is often more cost-effective and easier to book than a weekend move.
  10. Ease into your new routine.  Don’t expect to feel 100% “normal” in your new environment for a couple of weeks.  It takes time to adjust, even if you love your surroundings.

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