Blue Bins Offers Plastic Moving Boxes Perfect for Earth Day!

Each year, April 22nd is set aside as Earth Day.  For decades, it’s been a time of year when we reflect on the importance of the planet on which we live, and we encourage others to be good stewards of this “big blue marble” in the universe.  At Blue Bins, located in Toronto, environmentalism has always been at the forefront of their company mission and vision; it’s the driving force behind their plastic moving boxes.

Traditionally, businesses, individuals and families used cardboard boxes for their relocation projects.  Some were purchased from a wide variety of sources; other boxes were given to them.  The problem, of course, was that cardboard boxes tend to have major flaws: They aren’t sturdy, they attract insects and mold, they aren’t spill-resistant, they can be pricey to buy and they aren’t convenient to seal.  Plus, they need to be recycled to reclaim the pulp and fibers from which they are constructed.

What’s wrong with the need for cardboard to be recycled?   Basically, most people don’t spend the time to recycle them.  Either it’s inconvenient, or they simply don’t think about it.  This means that cardboard boxes end up in the landfills.

That reality is hardly worthy of an Earth Day celebration.

On the other hand, Blue Bins plastic moving boxes are rented, sturdy, recycled (and recyclable) bins that will never wind up cluttering garbage heaps.  Using a proprietary method, the Blue Bins company reclaims every plastic moving box that can no longer be rented, and then turns it into a new plastic moving box.  The waste is minimized in a huge way.

Additionally, plastic moving boxes are tough enough to withstand the ravages of a gallon of water dumped upon them.  Simply wipe them off, and they’re good to go!  Finally, they are self-sealing, so there’s no need for duct tape, masking tape or staples.

As a cost-effective alternative to traditional moving boxes, Blue Bins plastic moving boxes are a great way to say “thanks” to Mother Nature.  This Earth Day, think twice about the products you use; every step in the right direction is a thumbs-up for the green movement.

Find out how you can rent Blue Bins moving boxes for your next office or home move!  Check out their website today.


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