Blue Bins Toronto Offers Promo on Moving Supplies Through September 30, 2017

Moving to a new home, apartment, condo, townhouse, or cottage? Now, you can make your move less challenging and more efficient – not to mention earth friendly – thanks to a special promo offer from Blue Bins, the most trusted source of plastic moving bins and moving supplies in Toronto.

From August 28, 2017, to September 30, 2017, individuals and families will receive free bin ties and labels for all residential moves in and around the GTA. The savings from this promo add up quickly, and allow everyone to enjoy a more streamlined moving experience by partnering with Blue Bins.

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, interested customers should either go to their nearest Blue Bins office, visit the Blue Bins website, or call Blue Bins to reserve the appropriate number of plastic moving boxes and bins for their upcoming relocation. By mentioning the special promo before the end date of September 30, 2017, any resident can get plastic ties and labels… all for free.

Blue Bins, headquartered in Toronto with an office in Montreal, has spent more than 20 years influencing the moving industry and encouraging its peers to think outside of the (cardboard) box. By making moving boxes out of recycled and recyclable plastic, as well as pioneering a special method to restore broken boxes to their former strength, Blue Bins has decreased the number of moving boxes added each year to the country’s landfills. Thanks to their environmentally friendly approach to making moves easier and ultimately healthier on numerous levels, Blue Bins has positioned itself as a leader in the evolving sustainable moving industry.

For more information on Blue Bins, please visit Take advantage of this offer on your moving supplies before it’s over!