Boxes, Moving Supplies and Snacks – Everything You Need to Make Your Relocation to Mississauga a Success!

Want to make 100 percent sure that your relocation to your new home in Mississauga is a success?  From boxes and moving supplies, to food and drinks, we have a checklist here that will help you organize your moving day.

What You Need to Make Relocating a Snap

  • Water, water and more water. Moving is a physically demanding experience, and you have to bring something to hydrate the troops!  Although it’s tempting to just have coffee and soda on hand, water is really your best bet.  Never add alcohol into the mix until the job is done!
  • Plastic moving boxes and moving supplies. Make life easy on yourself and rent plastic moving boxes and supplies from Blue Bins.  Not only will you be able to pack them and stack them with ease, but you’ll be guaranteed a great experience.
  • Healthy snacks. Food is always welcome at any relocation.  In addition to some sweet treats like beignets and pastries, make sure you add fruits and/or veggies in the mix.  It’s always good to have some variety so there aren’t any sugar-related crashes mid-afternoon.
  • Label all your furnishings, boxes and moving supplies so they’re easy to put in the right place. You don’t have to incorporate a very complex labeling system to make this work. Even color-coding each room and providing a copy of the color codes to your movers and helpers will go a long way toward avoiding having the wrong items in the wrong spaces.
  • Wear layers. It doesn’t matter if you move in the dead of winter or the heat of summer – you absolutely will want to dress in layers.  That way, you can continuously regulate your body temperature throughout moving day.
  • Have someone else watch your young children and pets. Very little kids and pets are notoriously difficult to watch while you’re trying to move a household.  Find a babysitter to take care of them and the move will be much simpler.
  • Transport your most prized possessions in your vehicle. There are probably some items that you just don’t feel comfortable trusting to anyone else to move.  In that case, bring those items with you personally to your new home.
  • Wear the right footwear. Even if it’s blazing hot, do not forgo footwear or try to move while wearing sandals.  It’s just too easy for you to expose your feet to disaster.  Boots and sneakers are better options.
  • Plan to become emotional at times. Moving can bring out emotions in many people, and those emotions can run the gamut from extreme happiness to bittersweet feelings.  Accept that you may want to cry at the loss of your old home, and weep for joy at the beauty of your new residence.

For more tips, take a look at our video below!

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