Canadians on the Move Need Moving Boxes

According to the most recent statistics, Canada’s real estate market is booming, which means a need for moving boxes.

Canadians Are on the Move, Need Moving Boxes and Containers

According to the most recent Canadian housing market statistics, real estate across the country is booming.  In fact, there’s been a 16 percent increase in home buying since a year ago in the Toronto area (as per records distributed from the Toronto Real Estate Board.)

This is terrific news for realtors, but is especially great for home buyers and sellers.  It also means that tons of people are going to be on the lookout for moving boxes as they change locations between popular cities like Toronto, Montreal and Mississauga.

With so many individuals seeking out cartons to safely transport their items (especially the breakables) from “here” to “there”, it could also be a sign that waste management industry workers will be called upon to do double-duty.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are now viable alternatives to the traditionally thrown-away moving boxes used by past generations.

For the socially and eco-friendly conscientious people who are making their moves, the Canadian moving bin company Blue Bins offers plastic bins and moving containers that are recycled and recyclable.  Not only do they come in different sizes, but they are well-built and sturdy.  (This translates to no more exasperating experiences of picking up a flimsy moving box only to have the contents spill out of the bottom!)

Though these types of moving boxes haven’t reached the mainstream quite yet, they are gaining momentum among homeowners every quarter, largely because they are simple to use and require no securing with packing tape or exhausting breaking-down process.  In fact, the company can arrange to pick up the Blue Bins moving containers when the homeowner is finished, which reduces the stress on homeowners even more.  (There are also storefronts where homeowners can pick up and drop off their Blue Bins after they are finished moving.)

As the Canadian residential real estate market continues its growth, Blue Bins is prepared to do its part to keep landfills from overflowing while providing moving families with the safest, most economical, means of transporting their valuables from one house to the next.

To find out more about recyclable moving bins, visit Blue Bins’ site at

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