Rent Moving Boxes in Toronto and Start your Zero Waste Journey

Getting started on a zero waste lifestyle can be very overwhelming. So many of the things that we use are designed to be disposable, and the more you look into it, the more you might be realizing just how much planning it can take to go zero waste. The good news is, every zero waste practitioner will tell you that your best bet is to start with a few small steps. A move can be a good time to start fresh and try out a few things. Continue reading

Use Plastic Moving Boxes to Move Your Home Office Across Toronto

Moving your home office can seem like a real chore. There might be a mix of heavy things like paper files, and a lot of little things like paper clips or the important notes you have stuck on the wall. Even if you work mostly digitally, you don’t want to leave any of the things that make your home office work behind. Make sure you follow these steps to make sure your home office move goes smoothly. Continue reading

You’ll Need More Than Moving Boxes and Supplies: Create a Plan for Your Office Move

Moving your Toronto office is complicated. There’s a lot of things to pack, a lot of people to deal with, and a lot of stress getting every ready for the move. However, having the right moving boxes and supplies by your side, can make it easier, and so can following some of these tips to create the best plan for your office move.

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Don’t Just Bring Your Packing Boxes, Bring Some Good Luck to Your New Toronto Home

Sometimes we all have unlucky days, days where nothing seems to go right. When you’re setting up your new Torontohome, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to bring a little bit of luck in along with your packing boxes. Whether you want something that has a little scientific backing, or something that’s just got a lot of history, we’ve got some ideas to make your move a little luckier.

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Things to know about Vancouver before you unpack your moving boxes!

Canada’s 3rd largest city and largest coastal city has a lot to offer, so if you’re about to call Vancouver home, you’re about to be part of something big. Vancouver is a culturally diverse city with a lot of the hustle and amenities that you find in Toronto or Montreal, with the added bonus of milder winters, and easy access to both mountains and the ocean. It also has one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, with more than a few companies and individuals moving to Vancouver in search of that famed West Coast lifestyle. So before you put your moving boxes on the truck, there are a few things about Vancouver that will be good to know before you arrive.

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Moving Boxes and Other Things to Rent in Toronto!

Sometimes there are things that you just need for a short period of time. It doesn’t make sense to buy everything brand new, and with the sharing economy growing, there are more things that you can rent or borrow just for as long as you need them. Toronto has lots of companies and organizations that are working to offer the rental of everything from moving boxes to bicycles. Save money, and create less waste in the process by trying these rentals!

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Don’t Put These Things in Your Moving Bins, Even If You’re Just Moving Across Toronto!

There are some things that you can pack away early, and some things that you can easily pack up a day or two before your move. Your dishes, winter clothing, or books will be okay for a few days or even a couple of weeks in the boxes. But there are some essential items that you definitely don’t want to pack away already in your moving boxes, even if you’re just moving a short distance within Toronto.

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Help a Friend Move By Ordering Moving Boxes Online and Other Items

We all want to show up for our friends and support them on moving day. But sometimes we aren’t available to help, whether your friend is moving out of the province, or you have plans already on that day. The good news is, there are certain things you can order online that can give your friend the best gift of all – a stress free move. Through every step of the moving process, here are some things you can order online.

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