Help a Friend Move By Ordering Moving Boxes Online and Other Items

Help a Friend Move By Ordering Moving Boxes Online and Other Items

We all want to show up for our friends and support them on moving day. But sometimes we aren’t available to help, whether your friend is moving out of the province, or you have plans already on that day. The good news is, there are certain things you can order online that can give your friend the best gift of all – a stress free move. Through every step of the moving process, here are some things you can order online.

Before the Move: Order Moving Boxes Online

Instead of helping your friend salvage cardboard boxes from grocery stores and hoping that they will hold up with a little bit of tape, you can help them order moving boxes online from Blue Bins. While you’re at it, order some bubble wrap and a dolly! This saves your friend time and money, and helps to keep their belongings safe in transit. We also provide drop off and pick up services for the moving boxes, so your friend doesn’t have to worry about dealing with the boxes after the move.

Before the Move: Book a Cleaning Service

You can book a cleaning service to help out your friend on either end of a move. Save them some time and work by helping them to get their old place tidied up, or make sure that the new place is truly a fresh start. Maybe a light cleaning will be enough, but if their new home was recently renovated, it might be worth investing in a deep clean.

During the Move: Help Set Up Phone or Internet Services

If you are patient, help your friend out and get their internet or phone services set up! Sometimes that just means spending some time on hold, or being around the new place during the day to meet service providers. If you can take this off of your friend’s plate, they’ll definitely be grateful.

After the Move: Order a Meal Delivery Kit or Two

Don’t have your friend looking at an empty fridge while they are getting settled in. Meal delivery kits are taking off in popularity, and it’s no surprise! Having all the ingredients for a healthy, delicious meal show up on your doorstep saves time at the grocery store and money on takeout. Let your friend enjoy a home-cooked meal with a little less work, and without having to show off your cooking skills.

After the Move: Book a Massage or a Spa Day

Moving can be physically and emotionally demanding, so book a time for your friend to relax after they’ve unpacked their moving boxes. Many spas and massage therapists offer online booking, or gift cards that you can send. Check with your friend to find out what might be most relaxing for them, or surprise them with a gift certificate that they can use for a service of their choice.

As a friend, we can’t always help with the physical labour of moving, but there is always something that we can do to make their life just a bit easier! Whether it’s helping your friend to order something they need or surprising them with something you know they will love, they will appreciate knowing that you care. If you want to help get things started, contact us for an online quote for ordering moving bins.

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