How to Pack Your Home Office for a Move

While your home office may not be the first room you think of when it comes to difficult packing, it actually requires some careful planning and attention to detail. With expensive electronics, important documents, books, decorations, and furniture to pack, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect everything during the move.

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How to Go From a Stack of Plastic Moving Boxes to a Home in Toronto

Once the moving van, or your friend’s car, has pulled away and you find yourself surrounded by stacks of plastic moving boxes in your Toronto home. Empty walls, settling into your new house, condo, or apartment in Toronto can seem overwhelming. Nothing about this new space feels like home yet, and it can feel like a lot of work needs to be done before you feel like the new place belongs to you. But follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to being settled in your new home! Continue reading

Moving Bin Rentals and Other Tips for Moving into a Condo

Condo living can be a great way to have access to a variety of amenities without being responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. It’s also one of the more affordable ways to own property while being in the thick of things in the centre of Toronto.  If you have never moved into a condo before though, there can be some things you need to pay special attention to. We’ve outlined a few tips below (including how moving bin rentals can help) to make sure that your next move into a condo is as seamless as possible! Continue reading

Tips for Your Montreal Office Move

Whether your company is moving to a bigger space, a smaller space, or just a new location, here are some tips about Montreal commercial moving supplies to keep in mind.

Commercial moving can be a challenge. If you are moving your small business, it’s important to plan ahead and ensure that you have the right team and the right commercial moving supplies in Montreal to make your move as stress free as possible.  Continue reading

Keep Moving to Your Dorm Eco-friendly with Toronto Moving Box Rental

From Toronto moving box rentals to reusable packing material, go green as you move into your dorm

Whether you are moving to Toronto to start school, or heading off to school somewhere else, moving into your dorm can require more planning than you think. Especially if you are eco-conscious, you want to make sure that your move does not generate a lot of waste! In order to keep your move stress-free and eco-friendly, we’ve put together some tips below. Continue reading

Toronto Plastic Moving Boxes and Tips: How to Successfully Move Your Houseplants

When you’re moving a household to or from Toronto, you have a lot to think about: Where to get your plastic moving boxes, how to pack everything, and whether to use professional moving companies.  No wonder your houseplants are usually low on the “to think about” list!  But it’s important that you consider how to make the move easier on them. Continue reading

Why Professional Mississauga Packers Love Uniform Plastic Moving Containers

Professional packing companies are available in the Toronto and Mississauga area, and you may want to think about using their services.  Not only do they understand how to perfectly pack even the most delicate items in plastic moving containers, but the best ones are insured to protect both your goods and their services. Continue reading

How Environmentalism Has Changed Moving Boxes in Toronto

Nobody ever thought that the moving box would change. It was a cardboard rectangle of varying proportions, and could hold a few or many objects. Case closed, right? Then, environmentalism happened. We all became more aware that nature required us to be better stewards. Suddenly, moving boxes in and around Toronto started taking a different shape and color. It was an evolutionary leap of epic proportions. Continue reading

Taking Moving Boxes from Toronto to Vancouver at the Franchise Expo

When you’re passionate about your work, it shows. It also gets people excited. That was definitely the case at The Franchise Expo in 2017! Our Blue Bins representatives had the chance to talk to so many amazing and incredible entrepreneurs about licensing opportunities. From daybreak until evening (and beyond!), we chatted about plastic moving boxes, already being used by individuals, families, and companies from Toronto to Mississauga to Vancouver and tons of other places. Continue reading