How to Pack Your Home Office for a Move

While your home office may not be the first room you think of when it comes to difficult packing, it actually requires some careful planning and attention to detail. With expensive electronics, important documents, books, decorations, and furniture to pack, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect everything during the move.

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After Getting Moving Boxes in Toronto, It’s Time for Packing Efficiency

You’ve taken the sting out of getting moving boxes for your Toronto relocation by renting them from Blue Bins.  That was a huge step, and you’re feeling much more relaxed.  When they come to your door, it’s time to take it a step further and start packing with the greatest possible efficiency.  Below are some of the most tried-and-true ways to pack your moving boxes in ways that protect your belongings and leave you less stressed. Continue reading

Moving to Toronto? Take These Moving Containers Safety Tips to Heart!

Safety is an extremely important aspect of any relocation.  No one wants to get injured because they didn’t anticipate the correct ways to transport their Blue Bins moving containers.  To help you arrive safely at your destination and reduce the chances of moving-related strains, sprains and aches, please put these safety awareness tips into action. Continue reading

Certain Types of Montreal Real Estate Are Trending Upwards, Increasing the Need for Reliable Moving Supplies

It’s always fascinating to look at the different movements in housing trends, especially in the Montreal marketplace.  This year, several types of housing are doing well in very specific parts of the city.  As in other Canadian communities, this type of activity is increasing the need for reliable moving supplies, such as plastic moving boxes, bins and peripheral items. Continue reading

How to Stay Organized During a Toronto Move, Starting With Boxes for Moving

You’ve just found out that you’re going to be moving to a new home in Toronto, and you’re very excited.  You’re also a little worried about the flow of your relocation.  How is it possible to stay organized when so much is going on?  The trick is to start by getting the right type of boxes for moving, and then going on to attend to other matters. Continue reading

Toronto Empty Nesters Who Crave Simplicity of Downsizing Choose Convenient Moving Containers

The millions of Baby Boomers are now beginning to enter a fascinating era of their lives, often called “empty nest” years.  No longer playing host to their children, who are grown and perhaps developing families of their own, many Empty Nesters are yearning for simplicity, and therefore turn to downsizing.  As they recognize that they no longer need spacious Toronto homes with four or more bedrooms, they naturally turn their sights to residences that offer simpler floorplans and more modest square footage, not to mention far fewer maintenance responsibilities.  To help make their moves to their new, smaller homes as convenient as possible, they are also choosing to rent plastic moving containers rather than purchasing boxes made of questionable and/or unreliable materials. Continue reading

Tiny Toronto Houses Call for Efficient Supplies, Boxes for Moving

The tiny house craze has hit the world, as anyone who loves home and garden television shows knows.  All it takes is a simple Google request for “tiny houses”, and you can find homes of all shapes and sizes from every part of the globe.  While your own Toronto-based tiny house might not look like a hobbit dwelling, or be an actual treehouse (yes, these both exist), a smaller footprint demands some unique moving solutions.  After all, your boxes and other moving supplies have to be able to fit through modest-sized doorways and dwellings with nontraditional floorplans. Continue reading

Mississauga Condo Moving Is Simpler with the Right Boxes and Moving Supplies

There’s a huge shift on the horizon in the way people are choosing to live in Mississauga and other parts of Canada.  This has meant a rise in the amount of individuals and families choosing to buy or rent condos for their primary residences.  To make their relocations easier, many are choosing to simply lease plastic boxes and moving supplies from Blue Bins so they can make their moves to condo living easier. Continue reading

Last-Minute Move to or From Toronto? Rent Plastic Moving Supplies and Enjoy Peace of Mind!

It definitely happens – you have to move and you never expected it to occur.  You’re in a panic… there are so many things to consider!  Though Blue Bins can’t solve all your problems, it can definitely help you in one area: moving supplies.  If you have an unexpected move to or from Toronto, simply call Blue Bins to rent moving boxes and more – it’s peace of mind you can count on! Continue reading