Heavy Duty Moving Boxes Vs. Regular Cardboard Boxes: Which is Better

When it comes to moving or storing your belongings, choosing the right type of box can make a significant difference in ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Among the many options available, heavy duty moving boxes and regular cardboard boxes stand out as popular choices.

To make an informed decision based on your specific needs, it’s crucial to analyze several factors, including strength and durability, cost-effectiveness, environmental impact, ease of use, and availability. Let’s explore the advantages and limitations of each option.

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The Environmental Benefits of Switching to Reusable Boxes for Moving House

In an era where environmental sustainability has become a paramount concern, every individual and business has a role to play in reducing waste and adopting eco-friendly practices. One significant step towards a greener future is the widespread adoption of reusable boxes for moving house instead of traditional cardboard boxes. These sturdy and sustainable alternatives offer numerous benefits for various purposes, such as moving homes or offices.

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How Storage Bin Rentals Can Help Facilitate Home Renovation Projects

Undertaking a home renovation project can be an exciting endeavour, but it often comes with the challenge of finding space to store belongings during the construction process. As rooms are being remodeled, excess furniture, decor, and personal items can get in the way and potentially be damaged.

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10 Items You’ll Need Heavy Duty Moving Boxes For

Moving can be a challenging and stressful experience, especially when it comes to packing your belongings. It’s important to use the right materials to ensure your items are protected during transportation, and one crucial element is the type of boxes you use. Heavy duty moving boxes are a great option for moving because they provide extra strength and durability to handle the weight and pressure of your items.

Blue Bins offers heavy duty moving boxes that are made with durable and reinforced materials, providing a sturdy and reliable option for packing and moving your belongings.

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First Blue Bins Licensee Brings Eco-Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes to Montreal

Blue Bins Unlimited Corp.’s plastic moving boxes have become a mainstay across the Toronto area, as well as throughout Montreal.  However, Montreal didn’t have a storefront … until now.  Beginning March 1, 2014, Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. will have a brick-and-mortar Montreal location where consumers and businesses can pick up and drop off the plastic moving boxes they rent.  Continue reading

Blue Bins Attends CAM and Atlas conferences

In October 2013, Blue Bins will attend the CAM and Atlas Canada conferences.

Every Day is a Great Day to Move:  Blue Bins Celebrates at CAM and Atlas Conferences

For the team at Blue Bins, the Toronto-based company known for offering economical, practical and eco-conscious plastic moving containers to businesses, families and realtors throughout Canada, any day can be a terrific moving day.  To celebrate the moving  industry, as well as learn more about advances in the field of moving, Blue Bins is once again attending the Canadian Association of Movers’ (CAM) annual conference from October 4-6 and the Atlas Canada 50th Anniversary Convention from October 16-19. Continue reading

Canadian Campuses Choose Blue Bins Moving Boxes

Blue Bins moving boxes are the choice for Canadian campuses.

When Canadian colleges and universities from Toronto to Montreal want to streamline the moving-in process for their students, they turn to Blue Bins for plastic moving boxes.  By working with a proven company, they are able to provide their new and returning young adults with the easiest possible way to get their items into the dormitories and apartments.  This type of arrangement also helps keep the campus from becoming cluttered with traditional cardboard boxes post-moving days. Continue reading

Moving Box Expert Re-Launches Website

Blue Bins celebrates site re-launch with 5 percent discount on plastic moving boxes

Canadian Moving Box Expert Celebrates Website Re-Launch with 5% Discount

An improving Canadian housing market can only mean one thing to homeowners and their realtors: It’s time to buy and sell.  According to experts in industry, as well as economy forecasters, the recession that negatively affected North American real estate prices has begun a reversal.  This is terrific news to everyone, but it causes some alarm to eco-conscious individuals concerned about the waste that is often created from moving boxes that are not recycled or recyclable.  Fortunately, there is an answer: moving containers that need never see a landfill. Continue reading