Celebrate Your Eco-Friendly Spirit and Choose Blue Bins

There are so many ways to celebrate your eco-friendly spirit and desires…  First, you can evaluate every product that you use, and find out more about its manufacturer.  Secondly, you can discover new ways to be a little more environmentally aware.  Finally, you can choose to work with companies like Toronto’s Blue Bins.

What makes Blue Bins different than other organizations offering moving boxes?  Quite a bit, as it turns out:

1)      Blue Bins moving boxes are entirely recycled and recyclable.  There is virtually no waste coming in or out.  This reduces their carbon footprint because they can be reused again and again.

2)      Blue Bins moving boxes can be cleaned and sanitized.  Cardboard-based moving boxes cannot be protected in this way, meaning that valuables can become stained or ruined due to dirty boxes.

3)      Blue Bins are available for rental, which means offices and homeowners don’t have to figure out what to do with them after they are needed.

4)      As a company, Blue Bins regularly contributes to the community by supporting volunteer activities.

5)      Blue Bins offers special discounts for new plastic moving bin rentals.

The next time you move (and the average person will do so about eight times during his or her lifetime), think twice before getting “free” cardboard boxes from a local store.  Do you really know what insects or other critters are lurking (or just lurked) in those boxes?  How are you going to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner?  Will you have to buy eco-Unfriendly items like tape and staples to close the cardboard boxes?

In the end, it’s up to each person to make the wisest choices he or she can.  Blue Bins is just a tiny step in the right direction.

To learn more about plastic moving bins, visit the Blue Bins website today!

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Since joining Blue Bins in 2010, Patricia, the Sales Manager and New Business Development representative, has focused on taking Blue Bins to new levels. Though her original background is in make-up artistry, she took a leap of faith and joined the family business. She considers it the best decision she has ever made!